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Win 30 Realistic, Responsive Photoshop Brushes for Digital Artists

Win every single Photoshop brush in the store, currently 30 brushes and counting.


Win 30 realistic natural media Photoshop brushes for digital painters and illustrators Win 30 realistic natural media Photoshop brushes for digital painters and illustrators

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Enter your email address (sign up for the mailing list) and get a chance to win the whole set of digital artists brushes, currently 30 with more added almost every week.

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Realistic Oil Painting Photoshop Brush

Digital oil painting done using Photoshop oil brush toolset 'Willows Tide'
Digital oil painting done using Photoshop oil brush toolset ‘Willows Tide’

My latest brush, “Willows Tide“, the first of many oil paint brushes for Photoshop is now in the store.

magnified brush strokes of Willows Tale Photoshop oil brush digital painting
magnified brush strokes of Willows Tale Photoshop oil brush

As I’ve been doing recently, you can download this brush for free for the next two days (until Friday July 10th) if you enter the coupon code freeoil (expired). Using this brush should give you digital artists a boost in reproducing oil paint or oil pastels in your digital paintings and drawings. There are currently several other oil brushes in the workshop that will be ready to publish soon.

$1.00 Add to cart

Here’s a video of the brush in action. While portions of it are sped up, the beginning, middle and ending is real time. Note the realistic ‘feel’ of the digital brush strokes painting on and the unique organic texture that varies with each stroke. Best watched full screen in HD to catch all the pigmenty detail.

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Leaky Pen Photoshop Brush

Do you miss the old leaky pens from the real world? Well now your Photoshop pen can spring a digital ink leak!

Splatter Reed, the latest digital ink brush is a leaky ink Photoshop brush that splatters ink as you draw. The faster you sketch back and forth the more digital ink splatter you’ll get. Get the messy leaky ink photoshop brush for yourself. This time, the carpet’s are safe.

free Photoshop brush offer

You can download this Photoshop brush for FREE for the next 48 hours with the code BLOG140617 I’m experimenting with providing all brushes for free for at least 24 hours to members (sign up for free) as they are published so check back soon while that lasts. (Hint…at least one more brush is coming up this week)

Time-lapse digital watercolour painting done using the 'Splatter Reed' pressure sensitive Photoshop Ink brush toolset
Brush strokes drawn with ‘Splatter Reed’ the pressure sensitive Photoshop leaky pen brush
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Digital Painting Tip – How to control watercolour edging

digital watercolor painting tip
How to remove watercolour edges

When using the watercolour brushes, you may want to reduce, increase or simply control where the ‘edging’ appears. While painting, make sure you don’t lift your pen or stylus off the tablet, then reduce the pressure until you are pushing very lightly and go over the area where you want to remove the edging.

With a light stroke you will no longer be adding paint and will only be removing the dark edges. Then, if you like, you can go back over the same area with more pressure and add in fill. As long as you don’t lift your pen, your stroke will be ‘edgeless’ on the second pass. The key to all of this is you cannot lift your pen off the drawing tablet, you can take your time but it must all be done in one stroke.

Download a free realistic watercolour brush tool to try it for yourself.

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Dynamic Pressure Sensitive Photoshop Brushes vs Stencil brushes

pressure sensitive Photoshop brushes for digital artists
Both of these brushes are based on the same texture but produce radically different strokes.
Someone on Tumblr asked me how many brushes were in the PasteUp brush toolset. The answer seemed to surprise them: “Just one”. They, like many of us, are used to Photoshop brushes being of the stencil or stamp type, where you get an image of a brush stroke and every time you touch the brush to the image you get a ‘stamp’ of that image, perhaps in different sizes or at a different angle. The web is littered with this type of Photoshop brush. For digital painting though, you really want a smooth, variable pressure responsive stroke.


Grutbrushes are different, they are fully dynamic and pressure responsive brush toolsets that respond to the motion, direction and pressure of the stylus and the graphics tablet (Wacom, Monoprice, bamboo, intuos, etc) which means that each stroke will be fluid and unique as you paint with them. Here are a few examples of brush strokes painted with PasteUp watercolour brush illustrating the different strokes you can get just by varying the pressure you apply to your stylus.


Brush stroke samples of pressure responsive watercolour brushes from
Brush stroke samples of PasteUp watercolour brush when used with Wacom tablet
But enough from me, you can try it for yourself. You can still get it ‘free for a share’ for a few more days. Just add any Photoshop brushes you want to your cart, and from the cart, click on the share button for either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and download them ALL for free! Don’t forget these three Photoshop brushes that are also totally free as well. No sharing necessary.
All these brushes require Photoshop  CS5 and up to work