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Dynamically Create Social Media Images from your Artwork

Dynapictures is a very neat app that lets you create templates from your artwork (much as you would in Canva, if you’ve ever used that app) You can use these templates to automatically generate  multiple versions of your artwork, for social posting, personalised email images, personalised exhibition or event invitations, portfolio promos, etc.

Here is just one simple example of the kind of thing you can achieve, check out their online dynamic twitter image demo.  You paste in the url of a tweet and it uses it to generate lovely social media shareable images for social media.

two variations of a tweet containing a quote from Michelangelo

Each element in the template can be dynamically replaced with a list of your choosing….Text, images, etc. Just choose what it looks like, and what goes where and then feed in your variations and it creates all your images for you.

You could use Dynapictures to create similar templates using your own artwork and easily generate multiple versions for different uses. Instantly create 20 instagram posts with your artwork combined with your favourite mentions or create personalised invitations to your next art event, personalised with each invitee’s name embedded into the image!

Check out the DynaPictures dynamic images app here