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Free Procreate Brushes

updated September 12 2019

Download 20 Free Procreate brushes!

How to download and install the Procreate brushes:
1. Tap on the 'download' button (individual or big one for all)
2. Select "Open in Procreate"* to install

*In some browsers you may need to choose "Share to" or "Copy To" and then select Procreate 

Not on your iPad right now?
Email yourself this link to download them  later


click to Email the link to yourself!

Watch this ↑ quick video to see how to download and install them right into Procreate on your iPad or iPad Pro

Scroll down to install Procreate brushes


Procreate Brush W Capillo
Procreate Brush Capillo
User Review
4 (2 votes)


Procreate Brush Tinker
Procreate Brush Tinker
User Review
3 (2 votes)

Low Pearly

Procreate Brush Loe Pearly
Procreate Brush Loe Pearly
User Review
3.5 (76 votes)

Carny Yarn

Procreate Brush "Carny Yarn"
Procreate Brush “Carny Yarn”
User Review
3.75 (24 votes)

Middler Pencil

Procreate Brush Pencil Middler
Procreate Brush Pencil Middler
User Review
3.6 (20 votes)

Inkyleaks 01

Procreate Brush Inkyleaks 01
Procreate Brush Inkyleaks 01
User Review
4 (14 votes)

Scribe Theorem

Procreate Brush Scribe Theorem
Procreate Brush Scribe Theorem
User Review
3.57 (23 votes)

Soft Shoe

Procreate Brush "Soft Shoe"
Procreate Brush “Soft Shoe”
User Review
3.93 (15 votes)

Pack Sack

Procreate Brush "Pack Sack"
Procreate Brush “Pack Sack”
User Review
3.36 (11 votes)

Gulf Stream

Procreate paint brush "Gulf Stream"
Procreate paint brush “Gulf Stream”
User Review
3.84 (19 votes)

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I hope you enjoy my custom brushes. Come back soon as I will periodically swap some of these out for some new free brushes.
More importantly...I want to see what you paint with them so tag them on social media with #grutbrushes and I will find them.
I will feature a few in the GrutBrushes Gallery which is currently all Photoshop GrutBrushes, so lets see what you can do in Procreate!

If you are too shy to share on social media, email me your artwork...Id love to hear from you! I want to know what you think of my brushes, critical feedback is always welcome!

These will eventually be sold in sets. For example: a 30 watercolour brush set for $12, a 20 Ink brush set for $5,  25 texture brush pack for $10, 35 chalk Brushes for $10,  20 Grunge brushes pack, 20 Pencil brushes, etc. (quantities and prices will vary of course...I'm just basing this on my other brush packs)

The current paid Procreate brush bundle currently includes about 50 Procreate brushes. It will be a while until there are enough brushes of one type to make up a set, let alone multiple sets.  

Rather than make you wait and then have to pay full price for each set, I am offering you an opportunity to
get every new Procreate brush that I create for the next 6 months!

Click the orange button above, checkout and you will get access to all the current Procreate brushes and all the new ones, as soon as they are published, just like on this page. Currently there are about 50 brushes including the free ones above

For the next 6 months you will be able to download ALL the latest custom brushes...and all the old ones too! 

Browse all the Procreate Brushes, install whatever you want, on demand, just tap to install them right onto your ipad!

With the single install buttons you can choose to download and install only the ones you want or need
Or single-click to install the whole pack at once if you're not fussy

After 6 months your access will automatically expire (no subscription, no auto-renewals!) and you will get the option to sign up for more brushes (if I decide to offer the deal again)

Hurry, because the price will increase steadily as the amount of brushes increases so get in now while it's a steal!

Coming Up:

• Chalk brushes (made with actual chalk textures)
• Lettering brush sets (calligraphy pack) 
• Realistic Paper texures (Art Surfaces)
• FX brush pack (foliage, vegetation)
• Ink brushes (for comics inking)
• Watercolor set

• Gouache brush Set
• Lettering brush sets
• Texture brush pack
• Concept art kit
• More free brushes

..and you can get all that and more! You can get all my gbrushes for the next 6 months here:


Q: Can I use these brushes in Photoshop?
A: I wish! These brushes only work in the Procreate app on the iPad and absolutely nowhere else, and they can't be converted to any other app either. Procreate has it's own wonderful,  but proprietary brush format that is not compatible with any other digital painting apps. That's what makes it so unique. 

Q: Are these the same as the GrutBrushes Art Brushes for Photoshop?
A: no, they are totally new brushes, unique to this set. Procreate has it's own brush format that is not compatible with any other app and it can't import other apps' brushes. UPDATE: The rumour is that you will be able to import my Photoshop Art brushes into the next version of Procreate. I have no idea if this will work but I hope so. Stay tuned

Q: Do they work with the Apple Pencil?
A: Yes! All the brushes are calibrated for the iPad to be used with the Apple Pencil and to respond to pressure and sometimes tilt where appropriate (I try not to over-use the tilt response as it can get in the way of a good work flow) They should work with any stylus but they are created with the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro

Q: Do they work without the Apple Pencil?
A: Yes! I try to make sure they even work with just your finger. Although there are no pressure dynamics when painting with your finger, I try to add speed dynamics where appropriate which makes the strokes seem and feel more natural. They should also work with any stylus that works with the Apple iPad. I think a stylus which responds to pressure is almost an essential requirement, but you can paint with your fingers if you like and the strokes will vary a little as you change your finger speed.

Q: How do I download the premium brushes?
A: You will get access to all the creative brushes in the members area here  It has all the brushes in a sortable list, each with a download button.   If you browse to that page from your iPad you can just click on the blue download button, choose "open in Procreate" and the brush will magically appear in Procreate, ready to use. You can also download them ALL in one big set (.brushet file) The members page looks very much like the Free Procreate brushes above but it will have a lot more brushes and more will be added every week. periodically 🙂

Q: How many brushes are there?
A: Right now the set includes about 50 brushes ( including the free ones above) but I will add more and more over time. That's why the price is so low but it will increase as the amount of brushes goes up. I have no idea how many there will be in 6 months but my guess is at least double..but no promises!

Q: What are the star ratings about?
A: You can use those to rate a brush once you tried it. I am evaluating this as a way to see what kind of brushes people want more of. Of course you can also do that in an email to me. Any critical feedback is also very useful so don't spare my feelings! I want to to make these brushes useful for everyone. Send me your thoughts by clicking here

Q: I don't like these. Can I get my money back?
Sure! Just send me an email within 30 days with your order number and I will refund your money

Q: Can I download them all at once?
A: Yes! When you checkout you will get a link to download all the Procreate brushes in one Zip file. This link will expire after 6 months so make sure you back it up!  However...the zip file will only be updated once every week or so. The live members page will be the most up to date place to find and ​download new Procreate brushes

Q: Are these available for Photoshop?
A: No, but I do have hundreds of Photoshop brushes available in one set here That set is currently used by over 100,000 talented artists such as yourself

I welcome any questions, comments or critical feedback and will get back to you asap! 

Do You Have a Question or comment? Just tap to ask I usually reply the same day

Join me in Discovering the Full Power of Procreate Brushes

My prime expertise is in Photoshop brushes, and I am still getting to know the Procreate brush engine.

I think it took me about 2 years to really get to know the ins and outs and secret hideaways of the Photoshop brush engine and while I am applying all that knowledge to my Procreate brush-making I expect these brushes will get better and better over time as I get to know the brush engine better and as the Procreate team improves it and adds more features to their already high quality brush engine.

How good are the brushes now? Try the free ones and let me know what you think. There's something in there for evryone from graphic designers to comic book artists. If they are not the best brushes you've tried yet, please let me know how I can make them better. My goal is to make these the best Procreate brushes I can. 

These brushes are all made using actual textures wherever possible 

I hope you will get in on this journey, I expect it will be rewarding!

You are seconds away from accessing all the Procreate brushes on the GrutBrushes site today and for the next 6 months!

Get in now before the price goes up!

See What's inside!

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    1. It sounds like you are trying it on your PC…but Procreate doesn’t work on a PC. It won’t work unless you are actually doing it on your iPad. When you are on your iPad, visit this page and then tap on the blue button. Then the file will download and open on your iPad

  2. Omg it work thank u

  3. How to install procreate brushes file

  4. I like these brushes it helps when I do animation in krita

    1. oh! How do you use them to animate in Krita?

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