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If you registered via a social network like Facebook Google+ or Amazon you may never have had a password or may have received a welcome email with a blank password in it. this is because you don’t need one as long as you continue to login via that social network. If you would like to, you can get a password here.

I can’t reset my password!

You may still be logged in with a social account. You will not be able to reset your password unless you are logged out and the link will send you in a loop. You need to log out here first.

If you don't know your password and see this log out here first
If you don’t know your password and see this form, log out here first
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How Do I Download My Brushes?

On your Account page you will see a download link for your files (login with email  social login, or user name and your password – if you don’t know it you can get a new password here)


Download your Photoshop brushes in your account
Download your Photoshop brushes in your account

When you checkout you will also receive these download instructions in an email. Make sure that is not being blocked in your spam folder

How Do I Install these Photoshop brushes?


  1. Installing brushes without the plugin: If you are not using the GrutBrushes plugin panel, The easiest way is to drag and drop the TPL files into the Tool Presets panel or onto the top menu bar. ( Make sure you unzip/extract them to your hard drive first! ) You will see them show up in the Photoshop Tool Presets Panel. tip: If you don’t see them there, uncheck the ‘current tool only’ box (see here) at the bottom of the Tool Presets panel.
    install TPL files by dragging and dropping into Photoshop or the Tool Preset Panel (Not into a document!)
    install TPL files by dragging and dropping into Photoshop or the Tool Preset Panel (Not into a document!)
  • Make sure you unzip/extract them to a folder onto your hard drive first. Don’t just drag them out of an opened zip file
  • Only install the TPL files. Don’t drag the PNG or PDF files into Photoshop.
  • You can also try dragging the TPL files onto the Photoshop app icon.
  • You can also try double clicking on a tpl file and if Photoshop is properly configured it should install into your Tool Presets panel.
  • To install them using the GrutBrushes Photoshop Plugin panel click the ADD button at the bottom of the panel and browse to the unzipped folder containing the GrutBrushes TPLs

The brushes are Photoshop Toolsets (TPL files) When you download them, you will receive a PDF with instructions included in the zip file you can also see them online here

Drag and Drop not working?

  • Make sure you extract/unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive. Installing from an opened zip folder will not work.
  • Once unzipped, you can try double clicking on the TPL file in Finder (mac) or Explorer (windows)
  • Try dragging the TPL files onto the Photoshop app icon.

2. Installing Brushes using the GrutBrushes Photoshop CC plugin:

.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Click the ‘ADD‘ brush button to install brushes from your hard drive

or click the ‘NEW‘ button to install new brushes from the website

New Button installs brushes directly from your GrutBrushes account
‘New’ Button installs brushes directly from your GrutBrushes account on the web
Brushes download directly into your GrutBrushes panel in Photoshop
Brushes download and install directly into your GrutBrushes panel in Photoshop

Adding new brushes in Photoshop using the plugin (30 second video tutorial)

Tips for installing brushes with the plugin:

  • The Photoshop brushes are always listed in order of publication, with the newest one shown first.
  • If you can’t remember if you installed the newest Photoshop brush, Click install and the plugin will let you know if you have it already.
  • The web panel is slow to load, you may think nothing is happening but it should load within about 15 seconds (im trying to change this)
  • The red play button will pop up a video preview of the brush in action.

I Installed the TPL files but I don’t See Any Brushes in the brush panel. Where are they?

You won’t find them in the brush panel, they are Tool Presets (Window > Tool Presets) If you don’t see them in the Tool Presets panel, try unchecking the “Current Tool Only” checkbox as shown in this video:

What do the letters in the brush names mean? (Brush Type Key)

Each brush has a one or two letter key code in it’s name. These help identify the brush type and are as follows:

G (Gouache)
CH (Charcoal brushes)
E (Eraser)
FI (Fill)
FX (Effect brushes)
H (Cross Hatch)
I (Ink brushes)
P (Pencil)

MI (mixer/blender)
NM (Natural Media – This one covers a lot of brushes that don’t fit into other categories)
O (Oil)
OI (Oil Impasto)
S (Specialty)
W (Watercolour)

Are these Brushes compatible with my version of Photoshop?

These Photoshop brush tools require CS5 or higher. To make sure they work with your version of Photoshop download this free Photoshop watercolor brush. If this one works with your version of Photoshop, they will all work.

To get real use out of these brushes you will need a pressure sensitive graphics tablet (like a Wacom, Huion, Yinova, Monoprice, etc) Again, if you are in doubt as to whether these brushes work with your setup download a free brush to try before you buy.

Are these Brushes compatible with my Photoshop Elements?

No, sorry. They only work with Photoshop CS5 and up (see above)

Is this a subscription? Will I be charged again?

No, you are fully paid up, the brushes are yours to keep forever and will not be charged again. Make sure you back them up! If you bought a Membership or a set that includes one, it will expire automatically at the end of your membership period.  Memberships do not auto-renew or auto-rebill and they will expire unless you renew them manually.

How Do I install the GrutBrushes Artist’s Toolset Panel Plugin?

Quick version:

1. In Photoshop’s menu, File > Scripts > Browse… select the GrutBrushes_installer.jsx file.
2. Follow the instructions on screen
3. When it’s finished installing, Close Photoshop and restart
4. When you re-start Photoshop you will find the GrutBrushes panel in the menu here:
Window > Extensions > GrutBrushes


Detailed instructions:

Download the installation instructions here:

Plugin Installation GuideDownload PDF

Manual Plugin Installation:

If after installing, you don’t see the plugin under Window-> Extensions your computer may be stopping the installer from writing to your system drive. You can install the plugin manually by following the detailed instructions for both Windows and Mac here It basically involves copying two folders from the zip file onto your computer.

I can’t find the GrutBrushes plugin in Photoshop

If you are having trouble installing the plugin and even though you get an ‘installation ok’ pop up you don’t see it under windows>extensions when you restart Photoshop it could be that due to permissions restrictions  your computer is stopping the installer from copying the necessary files onto your computer. Manual installation may be the way to go. It basically involves copying two directories from the zip file onto your computer You can find detailed instructions for both Mac and Windows here

How Do I Uninstall the GrutBrushes Plugin?

Follow the directions in this document here
(It used to be automated and a lot easier but Adobe has discontinued support for Extension Manager so it has to be done manually)

How Many New Brushes Come Out Every Week?

It really varies and I can’t anticipate how many I will publish in the next month. While I am always working on many new brushes in the workshop, I try not to publish them until I have thoroughly tested them and feel that they are truly ready for you. To get an idea of how many brushes come out each month you can have a look at the past:

Sample of  Brush Publishing History:

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”2015″]

Brushes Added during October  2015

2015-10-31 Shim Timber – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-10-31 Limber Dips – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-10-25 Lead Thumb – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-10-22 Low Flaw – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-10-20 GrutBrushes Digital Artist’s Toolset Panel for Photoshop CC

2015-10-19 Gritty Bits – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-10-11 Cave In – Photoshop Cross Hatching Brush

2015-10-08 Molten Filo – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-10-06 Inks 02 – Photoshop Ink Brushes

2015-10-04 Slow Velcro – Photoshop Ink Brush

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Brushes Added during September 2015

2015-09-28 Dry Wetgoo – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-09-20 Vole Tractor – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-09-16 Charcoals 01 – 10 Photoshop Charcoal Brushes

2015-09-16 Slo Rise – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-09-16 Ruff Puppy – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-09-16 Short Notice – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-09-13 Bay Kessle – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-09-13 Felt Besom – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-09-13 Night Taper – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-09-08 Natural Media 01 – 10 Photoshop Brushes

2015-09-08 Dim Sky – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-09-06 Pious Tonic – Photoshop Watercolor Brush


Brushes Added during August 2015

2015-08-30 Keen Downy – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-08-25 Brief Shona – Impasto Oil Photoshop Brush

2015-08-23 Silk Whip – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-08-17 Grater Vent – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-08-04 Pike Ferrite – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-08-02 Dim Detritus – Photoshop Natural Media Brush


Brushes Added during July  2015

2015-07-29 Waters 02 – Ten Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

2015-07-29 Slight Lofty – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-07-28 Creamsicle – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-07-26 Strewn Rue – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-07-26 Damp Napkin – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-07-26 Sparrow Tone – Photoshop Watercolour Brush

2015-07-25 Slow Burden – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-07-17 Ramp Braiser – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-07-17 Dusky Covet – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-07-14 Inks 01 – Photoshop Ink Brushes

2015-07-13 Moss Potter – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-07-09 Sharp Eraser – Photoshop Eraser Tool

2015-07-07 Brim Dawdle – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-07-05 Yodel On – Photoshop Gouache Brush


Brushes Added during June  2015

2015-06-28 Owl Flower – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-06-24 Hatch Acid – Photoshop Cross Hatching Brush

2015-06-24 Hatch Crackle – Photoshop Cross Hatching Brush

2015-06-17 Lint Filter – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-06-17 Asper Caster – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-06-15 Razor Strap – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-06-08 Flux Ebber – Photoshop Ink Brush


Brushes Added during May  2015

2015-05-31 Fig Tipper – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-05-31 Lip Reader – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-05-25 Dorsa Mesa – Photoshop Gouache Brush

2015-05-24 Oils 01 – Oil Paint Brushes for Photoshop

2015-05-17 Rooster Suit – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-05-17 Mid Yewer – Photoshop Charcoal Brush


2015-05-10 Gathers Chaff – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-05-04 Soggy Tail – Photoshop Natural Media Brush


Brushes Added during April 2015

2015-04-27  GrutBrush-I-Gentle-Pedicel.tpl –  Gentle Pedicel – Gentle Pedicel Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-04-27  GrutBrush-O-Gallic-Whey.tpl –  Gallic Whey – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-04-19  GrutBrush-NM-Roadside-Tip.tpl –  Roadside Tip – Natural Media Photoshop Brush

2015-04-19  GrutBrush-I-Thyme-Liner.tpl –  Thyme Liner – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-04-12  GrutBrush-W-Slither-Dew.tpl –  Slither Dew – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-04-05  GrutBrush-NM-Wool-Meander.tpl –  Wool Meander – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-04-03  GrutBrush-I-Veracious-Dain.tpl –  Veracious Drain – Photoshop Ink Brush


Brushes Added during March 2015

2015-03-29  GrutBrush-NM-Brash-Mass.tpl –  Brash Mass – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-03-22  GrutBrush-Hatch-Blanket.tpl –  Hatch Blanket – Photoshop Cross Hatching Brush

2015-03-22 GrutBrush-O-Gull-Plunder.tpl –  Gull Plunder – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-03-15  GrutBrush-W-Crumb-Runner.tpl –  Crumb Runner – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-03-07  GrutBrush-O-Flush-Amalgam.tpl –  Flush Amalgam – Photoshop Oil Brush


Brushes Added during February 2015

2015-02-28  GrutBrush-I-Brief-Repriev.tpl –  Brief Reprieve – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-02-28  GrutBrush-NM-Papaya-Grind.tpl –  Papaya Grind – Photoshop Pastel Brush

2015-02-20  GrutBrush-O-Cordon-Mulch.tpl –  Cordon Mulch – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-02-02  GrutBrush-W-Dodo-Stroke.tpl –  Dodo Stroke – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2015-02-01  GrutBrush-I-So-Konwet.tpl –  So Konwet – Photoshop Ink Brush


Brushes Added during January 2015

2015-01-29  GrutBrush-I-Linoleum-Roll.tpl –  Linoleum Roll – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-01-27  GrutBrush-O-Dense-Weather.tpl –  Dense Weather – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-01-23  GrutBrush-I-Tremble-Stem.tpl –  Tremble Stem – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-01-15  GrutBrush-NM-Peel-Braiser.tpl –  Peel Braiser – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

2015-01-14  GrutBrush-I-Raggedy-Tag.tpl –  Raggedy Tag – Photoshop Ink Brush

2015-01-14 GrutBrush-NM-Gust-Wander.tpl –  Gust Wander – Photoshop Natural Media Brush

2015-01-01  GrutBrush-O-Whittling-Stick.tpl –  Whittling Stick – Photoshop Oil Brush

2015-01-01  Grutbrush-W-Hope-Lingers.tpl –  Hope Lingers Photoshop Watercolour Brush

[/toggle] [/tab] [tab title=”2014″]

Brushes Added during December 2014

2014-12-11  GrutBrush-I-Vintners-Quill.tpl –  Vintners Quill Photoshop Ink Brush

2014-12-11  GrutBrush-O-Rasp-Anther.tpl –  Tailors Rasp Anther Oil Brush

2014-12-08  GrutBrush-NM-Clay-Remains.tpl – Clay Remains – Photoshop Ink Brush

2014-12-11  GrutBrush-NM-Tailors-Mane.tpl –  Tailors Mane Pastel Brush

2014-12-08  GrutBrush-I-Desk-Inspector.tpl – Desk Inspector – Photoshop Ink Brush


Brushes Added during November 2014

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-W-Dog-Slobber.tpl – Dog Slobber Watercolor Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Pipe-Cleaner.tpl – Pipe Cleaner Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-NM-Burnt-Toast.tpl –  Burnt Toast Charcoal Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Inter-Mittens.tpl – Inter Mittens Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-O-Lemon-Dimple.tpl –  Lemon Dimple Oil Paint Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Pond-Meander.tpl – Pond Meander Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-O-Lemon-Dimple.tpl –  Lemon Dimple Oil Paint Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-NM-Wax-Factor.tpl – Wax Factor Natural Media Pastel Brush


Brushes Added during October 2014

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Ballpoint-Roller.tpl – Rollerball Ballpoint Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Ballpoint-Medium.tpl – Medium Ballpoint Pen Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Ballpoint-Fine.tpl – Fine Ballpoint Pen Ink Brush

2014-10-11  GrutBrush-I-Ballpoint-Broad.tpl – Broad Ballpoint Pen Ink Brush

2014-10-03  GrutBrush-I-Lazy-Fair.tpl – Lazy Fair Ink Brush


Brushes Added during September 2014

2014-09-12  GrutBrush-W-Mud-Puddle.tpl – Mud Puddle Watercolour Brush

2014-09-06  GrutBrush-W-Mount-Relief.tpl – Mount Relief Oil Paint Brush

2014-09-02  GrutBrush-I-Happen-Stance.tpl – Happen Stance Ink Brush

2014-09-01  GrutBrush-NM-Positive-Proof.tpl – Positive Proof Natural Media Pastel Brush


Brushes Added during August 2014

2014-08-30  GrutBrush-I-Gulf-Stream.tpl – ‘Gulf Stream’ Ink Brush

2014-08-30  GrutBrush-I-Poster-parched.tpl – ‘Poster Parched’ Ink Brush

2014-08-30  GrutBrush-W-Lofty-Tinge.tpl – ‘Lofty Tinge’ Watercolor Brush

2014-08-12 GrutBrush-W-Gently-Swayed.tpl – ‘Gently Swayed’ Watercolour Brush

2014-08-05 GrutBrush-I-Pelican-Teeth.tpl – ‘Pelican Teeth’ Photoshop Ink Brush


Brushes Added during July 2014

2014-07-16   GrutBrush-I-Fun-Runner.tpl – ‘Fun Runner’ Ink Brush

2014-07-12   GB-O-Picky-Fuss.tpl –  ‘Picky Fuss’ Oil Brush

2014-07-08   GrutBrush-O-Willows-Tide.tpl – ‘Willows Tide’ – Oil Brush

2014-07-03  GB-P-Borrowed-Pencil.tpl – ‘Borrowed Pencil’ Realistic Photoshop Pencil


Brushes Added during June 2014

2014-06-20 GrutBrush-I-Poster-Bantam.tpl –  ‘Poster Bantam’ Ink Brush

2014-06-17   GrutBrush-W-Cherry-Pectin.tpl – ‘Cherry Pectin’ – Photoshop Watercolor Brush

2014-06-17 GrutBrush-I-Splatter-Reed.tpl – ‘Splatter Reed’ The Leaking Ink Pen Photoshop Brush

2014-06-01 GrutBrush-W-Ocean-Liner.tpl – ‘Ocean Liner’ Photoshop Watercolour Brush


Brushes Added during May 2014

2014-05-31 GrutBrush-W-Moth-Wing.tpl – ‘Moth Wing’ Watercolour Photoshop Brush

GB-CH-Hatch-Wren.tpl – ‘Hatch Wren’ Cross Hatching Brush

Grut-Hatch-Thrasher.tpl – ‘Hatch-Thrasher’ Cross Hatching Brush

Grut-W-Swab-Caress.tpl – ‘Swab Caress’ Watercolour Brush

Grutbrush-Hatch-Carvink.tpl – ‘Hatch-Carvink’ Cross Hatching Brush

Grutbrush-Hatch-Tag-Shy.tpl – ‘Hatch Tag Shy’ Cross Hatching Brush

Grutbrush-Hatch-Tag.tpl – ‘Hatch Tag’ Cross Hatching Brush

Grutbrush-Hatch-Thatchit.tpl – ‘Hatch Thatchit’ Cross Hatching Photoshop Brush

Grutbrush-Hatch-Thickets.tpl – Cross Hatching Brush


[/tab] [tab title=”2013″]

Brushes Added during 2013

Grutbrush-TallyStick.tpl – Photoshop Charcoal Brush

GrutBrush-W-Frontier.tpl – ‘Frontier’ Photoshop Watercolour Brush

GrutBrush-W-Grape-Remains.tpl – Grape Remains Photoshop Watercolour Brush

GrutBrush-W-Loose-Valve.tpl – Loose Valve Photoshop Watercolour Brush

GB-Pointy-Pop.tpl – Pointy Pop Pointillist Brush

GrutBrush-W-Pasteup.tpl – ‘PasteUp’ Photoshop Watercolour Brush

[/tab] [/tabs]

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