GrutBrushes is a collection of smart tools for digital artists, all hand crafted by me, Nicolai.

I first started sharing digital art tools when I got a hold of an Amiga computer in 1989 which I used to make animated brushes called Animbrushes in an app called Deluxe Paint III. I shared them on floppy disks or over the phone lines on bulletin boards and Usenet, before the Web existed.

In truth, it all really started when I first held a pencil and fell in love with paper but it’s continued through art school, where I learned to use everything from gouache to oils (my true love) and beyond, when I became an animator and learned to become a one man media studio thanks to computers.

After 25 years of freelancing in video, film and television, I left the business and now work only on GrutBrushes, where I create tools for digital artists, like brushes, smart digital paper and anything else I can think of that is useful for digital artists, professionals and hobbyists alike.

I am very grateful to have hundreds of thousands of kind and creative GrutBrushes users, who use my tools to create an endless stream of creative artwork that flows from their fingertips 24 hours a day in more than one hundred countries.

Thank you to all of you!

Nicolai GrutGrutBrushes signature