Procreate Brushes Unlimited

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Download all the Procreate Brushes on the site here including any new ones published over the next 6 months

NO re-billing. Access to new brushes automatically expires after 6 months. That gives you access to download any new brushes until then. This is a one-time purchase that gives you full buy-out commercial use license to use all the brushes you download forever! (don’t forget to make a backup!) You will not be billed again

Important: These brushes only work in the Procreate app on the Apple iPad. They do not work in any other apps.


All GrutBrushes Procreate brushes!

Download 167 Procreate brushes now and get all the new ones for the next 6 months!

    • 167 Procreate Brushes (& more to come!)
    • Instantly install straight to your iPad
    • This includes a commercial license to use them (even the free ones) in commercial work
    • 6 Months unlimited access to download any new GrutBrushes Procreate brushes (not the Photoshop brushes)
    • Any Procreate brushes you download during this period are yours to keep and use forever
    • There is no re-billing and you will not be billed for anything else
    • Includes 36 brush Oil Impasto set (Watch Video Preview)

Now Includes 15 Procreate Pencil Brushes Set (NEW)

15 realistic Procreate pencils for sketching with more to come! (about 15 to 20 more Pencils are in the workshop pipeline)

  • 15 Realistic pencils for sketching
  • Tilt for shading (on most pencils)
  • Soft to hard nibs
  • Broad pressure ramp for maximum stroke variety in each pencil
  • 2 Mechanical pencils (Midi and Mini)
  • Soft to hard pencil leads

Includes 36 Procreate Oil Impasto Brushes Set

Procreate oil brushes set

Procreate oil brushes – Set of 36 realistic impasto oil brushes for Procreate

  • 36 Oil Impasto brushes
  • Fine grain, rake and Palette knife stroke types
  • Slightly raised paint appearance
  • Realistic paint “viscosity breaks”

Includes these 43 Pattern and Border Brushes

Procreate pattern brushes

Procreate oil brushes – Set of 36 realistic impasto oil brushes for Procreate

  • 43 Pattern brushes
  • Follows the direction of your stylus
  • Size responds to pressure
  • Natural and Geometric shapes
  • Create dynamic lines and borders
  • Carefully controlled spacing for density consistency

Brush Strokes Samples of some of the Procreate Brushes ( x300%)

36 Oil Impasto Procreate Brushes Set – Stroke Samples

This is magnified video of me painting with the oil brushes in Procreate (video softness is due to 300x magnification)

Click Play to see actual brush strokes

43 Borders and Lines Pattern Brushes – Stroke Samples

Click Play above to see the brushes in action!

Try  few free Samples (there are 167 brushes in total)

To install these in Procreate, open this page on your iPad, click a blue download button and when it downloads, choose ‘Open in’ or ‘Share to’ and then choose Procreate. The brush will install right into Procreate!!(Click to see how its done)

Numb Cuff

Procreate Brush Numb Cuff
Procreate Brush Numb Cuff
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Procreate Watercolor brush "Pasteup"
Procreate Watercolor brush “Pasteup”
[wp-review id=”575255″]


Procreate Brush Lomojin
Procreate Brush Lomojin
[wp-review id=”500819″]


Procreate Brush Galaxsoup
Procreate Brush Galaxsoup
[wp-review id=”499032″]


Procreate Brush W Capillo
Procreate Brush Capillo
[wp-review id=”498987″]


Procreate Brush Cackle
Procreate Brush Cackle
[wp-review id=”498958″]


Procreate Brush Tinker
Procreate Brush Tinker
[wp-review id=”453310″]


Procreate Brush Lola
Procreate Brush Lola
[wp-review id=”451055″]

Low Pearly

Procreate Brush Loe Pearly
Procreate Brush Loe Pearly
[wp-review id=”449393″]

Carny Yarn

Procreate Brush "Carny Yarn"
Procreate Brush “Carny Yarn”
[wp-review id=”443296″]

Middler Pencil

Procreate Brush Pencil Middler
Procreate Brush Pencil Middler
[wp-review id=”449380″]

Inkyleaks 01

Procreate Brush Inkyleaks 01
Procreate Brush Inkyleaks 01
[wp-review id=”449398″]

Gruff Rumble

Procreate Brush Gruff Rumble
Procreate Brush Gruff Rumble
[wp-review id=”449418″]

Fringe Leap

Procreate Brush "Fringe Leap"
Procreate Brush “Fringe Leap”
[wp-review id=”444752″]

Scribe Theorem

Procreate Brush Scribe Theorem
Procreate Brush Scribe Theorem
[wp-review id=”449440″]

Soft Shoe

Procreate Brush "Soft Shoe"
Procreate Brush “Soft Shoe”
[wp-review id=”444800″]

Slop Jolly

Procreate Brush "Slop jolly"
Procreate Brush “Slop jolly”
[wp-review id=”444790″]

Pack Sack

Procreate Brush "Pack Sack"
Procreate Brush “Pack Sack”
[wp-review id=”444773″]

Gulf Stream

Procreate paint brush "Gulf Stream"
Procreate paint brush “Gulf Stream”
[wp-review id=”443045″]
Spoiler title
These are some of the Procreate brushes in the Members area:

more Procreate brushes brush-stroke thumbnails
More Procreate brushes are added to the collection every month or so!

With plenty more to come!

Also Includes the 36 Oil Impasto brushes. Here are a few of them (magnified 300%)

I hope you will stick around for the journey, I expect it will be rewarding!

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  1. Courtney Dekker (verified owner)

    These brushes are awesome and very versatile! I am very impressed with the quality and customer service professionalism from the seller. 10/10

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