Procreate Oil Brushes – Impastos 01

36 Oil Impasto brushes for Procreate iPad app
The Photoshop version of the Oil Impasto brushes is here

  • You get 1 .Brushset file that includes all the brushes
  • You will get any future updates to this set (download forever)
  • Various types of brushes from thick bristle to palette knife type marks
  • Not compatible with any other apps. Photoshop version is here


This is also included in Procreate Brushes Unlimited!


36 Procreate Impasto Oil Brushes

Actual brush strokes from a few of the 36 Procreate oil brushes (magnified 200X)

These are almost certainly the most unique oil brushes I have ever made, and while my watercolour brushes are more popular, these oil brushes are my personal favourites.
Its hard to know for sure, but I really don’t think there are any brushes out there like these.

What People are Saying about GrutBrushes Impasto Oil Brushes

These comments are by painters who used the Photoshop version (same brushes, different app)

“OMGosh! Best brush sets for photoshop! They feel real and look real when you paint with them! I have looked online for photoshop brushes that would work great with my illustrations and I found only a few but they didn’t live up to what I was expecting until….GRUTBRUSHES!!! I downloaded the free set and I was convinced and hooked and I bought them ALL! Not one single regret I LOVE MY GRUTBRUSHES!”

-Ana Garcia 

“These brushes are changing the way I paint”

-Herman Charles Serrano

“I love these brushes so much. I paint with oils and acrylics as well and these have a great feel that lets me create similar work in digital. More please!!”



Just like real oil brushes there are a million ways to use them and the more you practice the more they will reward you with results.

Here are a few tips to using the Procreate oil brushes:

  • Press lightly for transparent washes and blending
  • Press hard for deeper and raised textures
  • Vary your strokes!
  • Follow the contours of your forms with your brush strokes
  • If there is too much raised texture, keep going over the spot very lightly until the texture ‘wears down’

Not all these tips apply to all the brushes so you will have to try each one to get a feel for each one.


As soon as you checkout you will get a link. Click on it to download them to your iPad and depending on the browser you used, choose to “open in” or “Share to” and then choose Procreate to install them right into Procreate.

Your browser may download them to your iPad and you may not know where to find them. In that case, open the “Files” app on your ipad. You should see them there.

Hold on the file and choose to “share” If you don’t see Procreate as an option, click on the 3 dots at the top right and then find Procreate in the list of other apps.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these the same as the Photoshop Oil Impasto brushes?
A: Yes and no. They are based on them but each brush was individually converted and tweaked to perform optimally in Procreate

Q: Can I download these as part of the Procreate Unlimited membership?
A: YES! They are included as long as you are a member. If you are a current member and logged in you should see the button to download them just below this text. If you don’t see it, you either need to log in or renew your Procreate Unlimited membership.

Q: Do these brushes use the Apple Pencil’s tilt feature?
A: Not really. I tried many approaches but I couldn’t find any good applications for a tilt modifier with the impastos that was useful. They already have all the opacity and depth control in the pressure settings, so the only thing really left to control is the width of the stroke and digital impasto strokes don’t ‘work’ if you distort them. Most oil painters primarly use oil brushes in a perpendicular position and when laying a brush against the canvas on it’s side it is generally to create a texture effect. Most of those kind of effects are reproduced in this set with individual brushes.

Q: Cant I just import the Photoshop versions of the oil brushes into Procreate?
A: You can, and most of them will mostly work like that, but I spent about a week manually testing and adjusting a lot of the parameters of every single brush in this set to make sure they worked as nicely as possible in Procreate. These brushes used a lot of tricks in the Photoshop brush engine and to convert them to work in the same way in the Procreate brush engine at a quality level that I was happy with took quite a bit of work. There were a couple of brushes that didn’t produce anything worth looking at on first import and even one brush that I couldn’t get to work at all. This set also includes a few new brushes that are unique to the Procreate set and couldn’t have been done in the original set.




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