GrutBrushes License – What can you do with your GrutBrushes digital art tools?

Buying any GrutBrushes digital tools including Photoshop brushes and Art Surfaces gives you the right to use them in any project you do, personal and commercial.
You may sell any artwork you create with GrutBrushes products.

You may not re-sell any files you download from but you are free to sell any artwork you create using them.

Some examples:

Paint or draw anything with GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes and sell it: YES
Paint on a GrutBrushes Art Surface, flatten it and sell it as a high res flattened TIF: YES
Paint on an Art Surface and sell it as a flattened PSD file: YES
Publish a book where all the illustrations are drawn using GrutBrushes and/or Art Surfaces: YES
Paint something using GrutBrushes tools and sell it as stock images: YES
Sell Birthday Cards of Artwork Painted on an Art Surface: YES
Paste a photo into an Art Surface and sell it as a Jpeg: YES
Send a layered PSD of your artwork painted on a GrutBrushes Art Surface to a magazine to be printed: YES

As long as its artwork created by you, you can do it!

If in doubt, feel free to send me an email but, in 10 years, I have yet to ever find a case where the answer was no.