Procreate Pencils

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Realistic Pencil brushes for Procreate

  • Instantly install into your iPad
  • Includes all future set updates
  • Tilt for shading
  • 1 Procreate .brushset file installs all pencils


15 Pencils for Procreate

(More to come)

Includes these (and more)
Images below are the Photoshop versions that these are based on. I’m working on native Procreate previews but these will give you an idea in the meantime.

Borrowed Pencil

A Soft 2B pencil with a relatively well-defined line and a wide dynamic range from light to dark making it a good pencil to take you from a tentative sketch to a finished drawing. I like it because I can start sketching lightly and then lay down a stronger ‘final’ stroke when I’m sure of my form, all without switching tools or brush sizes.

Cheap Receipt

A Soft, bold pencil with a rough texture. Good for bold confident strokes. The texture gives the appearance of a raised grainy paper also making it a good pencil for drawing over-scaled images that appear to be enlarged.

Cobble Skate

A Soft pencil with a sharp point. Something hard to find in ‘nature’. This pencil gives you a sharp, defined hint line when used with low pressure on the stylus, but widens out quickly into a more worn down tip with a softer line that still retains it’s soft graphite appearance and medium bond paper texture.

Daily Fate

A mid-ranged ‘default’ pencil with a fair amount of texture. This standard lead pencil has a rougher more speckled line than your softer Artist’s sketchers.

Fax Pancake

A soft Photoshop pencil with a smooth wax paper-like finish. This pencil lays down a lot of pigment and gives your lines soft powdery edges that feel eminently smudgeable.

Go Cart

A medium pencil with a fairly stubby line and a lot of texture. Like writing on soft paper with a concrete slab as your clipboard. Also suitable for simulating drawing on very rough paper or hand made card stock.

Humble Bug

One of the more realistically responsive Photoshop pencils in that is has a very natural pressure response range and ramps up nicely from the lighter, but still fairly strong lines to a wider bold line and all the way up to a dark silky opaque blackness at the high end.

Lead Steady

A soft lead pencil that still has a sharp defined edge. This pencil tool has a soft, almost watery look to it’s lead-like pigment but the line definition is still sharp and clear. For when you want a soft look but don’t want soft fluffy line edges.

Maybe Sews

A soft and fuzzy 4B Photoshop pencil that starts out woolly at the low end and has an almost charcoal-like appearance at the higher pressure. This pencil is soft enough that it doesn’t take much force on the stylus to reach the darker ranges.

Mech Midi

This mechanical pencil for Photoshop gives you a lead that sketches with a sharp defined line while still maintaining the texture of a lead pencil. Capable of fairly dark lines it remains fairly sharp tipped even at high pressure but is soft enough to give an ever so slightly tapered finish at the end of the line.

Mech Mini

A mechanical pencil that never wavers in its line width. This Photoshop brush will give you the sharpest line possible while still maintaining the appearance of a pencil.

Sleepy Keen

A firm, hard rough 2H pencil for Photoshop. This brush has a crisp grain and a compressed value range making it a good choice for confident archival type sketches.



3 reviews for Procreate Pencils

  1. Nikki

    Aww… the recommendation list I saw these on said they were free :(((( shame they look so good, especially mini.

  2. Rubin

    great pencils, i’ll be recommending to my friends

  3. Momo

    I thought it was free 🙁

    • Nicolai

      Oh no! I’m sorry you were disappointed. Can you tell me where you read that? If you can send me an email at letting me know, I would like to make sure it is corrected. I will send you something for your time. Thank you!

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