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Inky Leaks Tests – Photoshop Splatter brushes coming along

Photoshop splatter brushes
Testing the Photoshop splatter brushes for the Inky leaks collection

I’m still working hard testing the splatter, spray and inky messes that will be included in the Inky Leaks Photoshop splatter and spray brushes and tools collection. Here’s one of the test blotters from the lab. If you look closely you can see the smears from a couple of mixer brushes in there as well as a finger print smudge tool. The collection is coming along well and I still expect to release it on August 30th but you can still pre-order it until it is released at considerable discount (The price climbs up a bit every week)

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Free Calligraphy Brushes Download added to the Brush Shop

Here are Some Photoshop calligraphy brushes to download for free this week.

Drawing with Soft and Hard Photoshop Calligraphy brushes
Drawing with Soft and Hard Photoshop Calligraphy brushes

They are standard Calligraphy brushes (30° and 45°) in 3 hardnesses (S,M,H) and 3 sizes. Engineered to give you a crisp edge, sharper than the default Photoshop round brushes at 100% hardness. includes icons for the GrutBrushes plugin.

How to understand the Calligraphy brush names
Calligraphy brush names key explained
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
GrutBrushes Calligraphy brushes in the Photoshop panel plugin
GrutBrushes Calligraphy brushes in the Photoshop panel plugin

Get the Free Calligraphy Brushes hereCalligraphy Brushes

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Recently New Photoshop Brushes

New Photoshop brushes added in March 2016
Some New Photoshop brushes added in March/April 2016

Just some of the Photoshop brushes released in the Shop over the last month or so. If you recently bought the ArtBrushes Complete or Multiset: don’t forget you get all new brushes for up to two months with your free membership! These are a few you may not have yet downloaded from the last few weeks.

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Photoshop Ink Wash Brush ‘Mush Agog’

Photoshop Ink Wash Brush 'Mush Agog'
Photoshop Ink Wash Brush ‘Mush Agog’

I added this wet inky Photoshop wash brush to the shop this morning. Start slowly with a soft stylus pressure and build on it by drawing back and forth to add more soggy ink until you have as much ink pooling as you need. Take care not to lift your stylus until you finish your stroke if you want to avoid overlapping edges.  It’s edges sometimes look better in general with a bit of softening using either a blender or an eraser.

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Free Photoshop brush of the week #43 – ‘Grace Bubbles’ ink brush

Drawn with the Grace Bubbles Photoshop brush
Drawn with the Grace Bubbles Photoshop ink brush

This week’s free Photoshop brush is this dry ink brush. get it now on the free Photoshop brush of the week page or in the brush shop until Monday January 18th when there will be a new free brush.

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Drawing and Painting in Photoshop With GrutBrushes

Drawing and painting with an assortment of GrutBrushes. Special thanks to the eraser, the unsung hero who saves this one in the end.

Brushes used include: Gull Plunder, Gentle Pedicel, Drip Drench, Wax Factor and Timpani Dee.

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Free GrutBrush of the Week #36 – “Bed Kelp” Photoshop Ink Brush

Photoshop Ink Brush drawing done with the Bed Kelp Photoshop brush

This week’s free Photoshop brush is “Bed Kelp” a delicously messy ink brush with a ragged edge that starts as a medium wash but ramps up quickly to a full viscous black… and I just can’t stop doodling with it, I truly love sketching with this brush. Despite it’s jagged texture and crumbling edges it has a nice continuity with the appearance of a long trailing stroke which can taper to a fairly fine tip. You can download it in the shop ( ) or on the free Photoshop brush page:

You can download this week’s free Photoshop brush until next Monday when, as always, there will be a new one waiting for you. Meanwhile, for a change of pace, don’t miss out on the free Lightsaber brushes that seem to have hopped on a viral wave that has kept the website flooded with new visitors all day:

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So Konwet – A soggy, wet, Ink Brush

So Konwet, the latest ink brush in the store is a runny ink brush with an edge that bleeds as if you are drawing on a wet paper towel. A variable sized allows you to do fairly detailed work at low pressure but the brush really excels at broad gestural drawing.

Brush strokes of a digital ink drawing done using the Photoshop Ink Brush toolset 'So Knowet' for digital artists
Digital ink drawing done using the Photoshop Ink Brush toolset ‘So Knowet’ for digital artists

(sorry this offer has expired)
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Drawing with the ‘So Konwet’ responsive Photoshop ink brush for digital artists

This brush is included in the Art Brushes Complete set




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Download Free Photoshop Ink Brush for a Share

Rabbit drawing done with “Desk inspector ” Photoshop ink brush from Nicolai on Vimeo.

I am giving away the Desk Inspector Photoshop ink brush to the first 400 people who share below (30+ still available – As of October 25 2015).
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