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How to Install New brushes into Photoshop automatically using the plugin (Video Tutorial)

One click installation of Photoshop brushes into Photoshop

Buying the Artbrushes Photoshop brushes Set gives you a free two month  membership, which includes all new brushes published in the Shop for 60 days, if you are a Photoshop CC user and are using the GrutBrushes plugin you can install the newest brushes without even leaving Photoshop. This 30 second tutorial shows how it’s done.


  • The Photoshop brushes are always listed in order of publication, with the newest one shown first.
  • If you can’t remember if you installed the newest Photoshop brush, Click install and the plugin will let you know if you have it already.
  • The web panel is slow to load, you may think nothing is happening but it should load within about 15 seconds (im trying to change this)
  • The red play button will pop up a video preview of the brush in action.
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How to Install Photoshop Brushes to the Plugin via the Web

If you have an active GrutBrushes membership you can add and install brushes directly into Photoshop via the GrutBrushes plugin panel using the “New” button.
You may think that it is broken, but it is likely just slow to load. I’m very sorry about that, but with a bit of patience, it is fast once it loads up. This 45 second video shows you how it’s done.

If you don’t see the screen with all the brushes, you can navigate to it in the menu by going to My Account > Members Brush Portal

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GrutBrushes Photoshop Brush Plugin Panel Updates

[box type=”info”]To report a problem with the plugin please leave a comment below. Please tell me what version of Mac OS or Windows you are running and what version of Photoshop you are using. Comments and thoughts are very welcome too! If you prefer you can also send me an email here. [/box]

Bookmark this page to check for updates and info on the GrutBrushes plugin

March 8th 2016

GrutBrushes plugin V 1.1.1 is ready! You can download it from your account page or read all about what’s new in this blog post here

If you’ve never used it before you can download the GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes plugin for digital artists here

February 14th 2016

Manual Plugin Installation instructions are here!

If you are having trouble installing the plugin and even though you get an ‘installation ok’ pop up you don’t see it under windows>extensions when you restart Photoshop it could be that due to permissions restrictions  your computer is stopping the installer from copying the necessary files onto your computer. Manual installation seems to be the way to go. It basically involves copying two directories from the zip file onto your computer You can find detailed instructions for both Mac and Windows here Use at your own risk!

So far I only have two reports from users but both tell me that the manual installation worked for them. Leave a comment below if you tried it.

February 4th 2016 

Work began today on a plugin update! this will not be major but will include a few requested features including:

  1. Last picked brush indicator
    A way to tell which was the last brush you picked!

2. Brush re-loader 
When you update Photoshop to the latest version it currently deletes all records of which GrutBrushes you have installed. This will check to see which brushes you had installed and reload them automatically into the GrutBrushes Panel

3. OK to ALL
No longer will you have to repeatedly hit OK to overwrite every brush when you reload them, you will be able to click on an ‘ok to all’ button.

4. TPL filter on Mac
When you choose to ‘ADD’ brushes from your hard drive on a MAC, you will be able to select only the TPL files and not the PNG files by accident (They are hidden by default on a PC)

There will be another tweak or two but those are the main changes you will notice.

I will send out an email and put an announcemnt here on this post when the new version is ready to download from the shop or from your account page


January 28 2016 – Plugin Update in the works
I am getting some reports that the plugin is not installing for some people on the latest version of Photoshop (2015.1.2) I am talking to the developer now to work on a fix but I need to know what version of the plugin is working or not working and for which OS. I really don’t know how many people are using the plugin or how many people are not able to.

I would be so very appreciative If you can let me know in the comments below or in an email whether it is working for you or not and which version OS and which version of Photoshop then I can get a good idea of what needs work.

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Q&A #01 – How to Make an Eraser out of a Photoshop Brush

How to make an eraser out of a brush in Photoshop
How to make an eraser out of a brush in Photoshop

Q: George asked me in an email: “Is there any way to use these brushes as an eraser?”

A: Yes! If you’re painting or drawing in Photoshop using a brush that has a nice organic brush stroke and you want to correct or erase part of your painting using an eraser that has the same look and feel of your brush instead of the default Photoshop erasers there are a number of ways to do so in Photoshop.

Perhaps the easiest is to switch your brush mode from ‘normal’ to ‘clear’ which will essentially turn your current brush into an eraser, with all it’s settings in tact. But what if you have switched brushes or recently changed the settings of your brushes and want to go back to a previous brush? There’s an easy way to do that as well. With your eraser tool selected, just open the brush preset panel and you will see the history of the last seven brushes you used in order. Simply select the one you want to use and your eraser now takes on almost all the properties of that brush.

See how it’s done in this 45 second video: