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GrutBrushes Photoshop Brush Plugin Panel Updates

[box type=”info”]To report a problem with the plugin please leave a comment below. Please tell me what version of Mac OS or Windows you are running and what version of Photoshop you are using. Comments and thoughts are very welcome too! If you prefer you can also send me an email here. [/box]

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March 8th 2016

GrutBrushes plugin V 1.1.1 is ready! You can download it from your account page or read all about what’s new in this blog post here

If you’ve never used it before you can download the GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes plugin for digital artists here

February 14th 2016

Manual Plugin Installation instructions are here!

If you are having trouble installing the plugin and even though you get an ‘installation ok’ pop up you don’t see it under windows>extensions when you restart Photoshop it could be that due to permissions restrictions  your computer is stopping the installer from copying the necessary files onto your computer. Manual installation seems to be the way to go. It basically involves copying two directories from the zip file onto your computer You can find detailed instructions for both Mac and Windows here Use at your own risk!

So far I only have two reports from users but both tell me that the manual installation worked for them. Leave a comment below if you tried it.

February 4th 2016 

Work began today on a plugin update! this will not be major but will include a few requested features including:

  1. Last picked brush indicator
    A way to tell which was the last brush you picked!

2. Brush re-loader 
When you update Photoshop to the latest version it currently deletes all records of which GrutBrushes you have installed. This will check to see which brushes you had installed and reload them automatically into the GrutBrushes Panel

3. OK to ALL
No longer will you have to repeatedly hit OK to overwrite every brush when you reload them, you will be able to click on an ‘ok to all’ button.

4. TPL filter on Mac
When you choose to ‘ADD’ brushes from your hard drive on a MAC, you will be able to select only the TPL files and not the PNG files by accident (They are hidden by default on a PC)

There will be another tweak or two but those are the main changes you will notice.

I will send out an email and put an announcemnt here on this post when the new version is ready to download from the shop or from your account page


January 28 2016 – Plugin Update in the works
I am getting some reports that the plugin is not installing for some people on the latest version of Photoshop (2015.1.2) I am talking to the developer now to work on a fix but I need to know what version of the plugin is working or not working and for which OS. I really don’t know how many people are using the plugin or how many people are not able to.

I would be so very appreciative If you can let me know in the comments below or in an email whether it is working for you or not and which version OS and which version of Photoshop then I can get a good idea of what needs work.

It will be very helpful if you can leave a comment below telling me if the plugin is

  1. Working or not working (i,e installed and working fine, couldn’t install,  was installed but stopped working)
  2. What OS and what version you are using (i.e. Mac Yosemite 10.10.5, Windows 8.1)
  3. What version of Photoshop you have (ie. CC 2015.1.2)
Do you use the GrutBrushes plugin panel when using GrutBrushes?

Yes, I use the GrutBrushes panel
no I only use the Tool Preset panel
I don’t use GrutBrushes at all

Poll Maker

Which OS are you using the GrutBrushes Plugin on?


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If you DON’T use the GrutBrushes panel please tell me why

I used to but it stopped working
I couldn’t install it
not interested

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11 thoughts on “GrutBrushes Photoshop Brush Plugin Panel Updates

  1. I’m running Windows 7 and had an anomaly when I first tried to run the plug-in. It opened with the ADD and NEW buttons but when I added my first brush, the brush seemed to appear (had an icon but no name) and both buttons disappeared and I couldn’t access the brush, remove the brush from the dropdown menu or add another brush from the dropdown menu. The second time I did a restart of CC 2015 (latest version), the brush icon was gone and the panel looked correct. I’ve now added my brushes to the panel using the ADD button and everything is working fine. I hope it doesn’t act up again. 😉

    1. Thank you very much for that helpful feedback. I hope it doesn’t happen again too but if it does, there is now a ‘reset’ button in the ‘about’ menu. That should clear the problem you had and reset the plugin to it’s original state. You can download the latest version (v1.1.1) on your account page you can read about what else is new in the plugin in this blog post here Thanks again for taking the time to submit your report, getting that kind of feedback really helped in creating this latest version of the plugin.

  2. This is indeed a neat helper Extension, simplifying the complex business of Preset management for Brush tools. I’ve waited around for a good while to see someone come up with an enterprising Adobe “Add-on” for this, but no such luck here:

  3. Oh, one last thing I noticed.

    The brushes “W Hope Lingers” and “W Lofty Tinge” both have the same visual icon and on that icon both say “Hope Linger”. The text Labels are correct, though.


    1. Oh! Good catch. Thank you, I must have used one as a template for the other and not changed it. I will fix that.

  4. Meh, I have tested software and assets here and there for years and you have a fully working PLUGIN, that’s a huge accomplishment, lol.

    I did mean to mention if there was one thing I could have (and, I do not know if it is possible) it would be that the brush I clicked on and was currently selected could have some sort of identifier that it was selected, meaning I am usually so instantly forgetful that I will be using a brush and saying “I LOVE THIS ONE”….now, which one was I using again? I’m sure this problem will fade after I have the brushes more memorized but worth a mention.

    1. Yes! Great suggestion, thank you. This will be implemented in the next plugin update. Just starting on it shortly.

  5. 1. The plugin is working for me but, there was a snag. (which is basically my own doing, lol)
    2. Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit)
    3. Photoshop CC

    Okay; The plugin does works absolutely perfect for me, period.

    BUT; The snag is not the plugin itself or even Photoshop, it is the fact that I clean/purge my computer every week or so with the program “CCleaner” and by default, “CCleaner” (and most all computer temp file ‘cleaning’ programs) will delete everything from the folder “C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalTemp”. And, when it does this, it deletes the Grut Plugin file”cef_debug.log” and also its folder “cep_cache” (and all its sub-folders).

    Yes, the copies of the brushes still exist in “C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingAdobeGrutBrushesbrushes”

    But, what this does is;
    – None of the brush previews show up anymore, they’re all gone.
    – The “Remove Brushes” does not work, as nothing is listed.
    – The “Show/Hide Brushes” does not work, as nothing is listed. All is lost.

    If I use the “Add” button to add all my brushes back in, it tells me “The preset “brushname” is already loaded. Would you like to replace it?”. So, I have to click the “Yes” button 162 times to load all the brushes back in AND re-configure the “Show/Hide Brushes” area all over again, which took a very long time. (BTW, this has to be done even if I delete the brush copies in “C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingAdobeGrutBrushesbrushes”.

    So anyway, after much experimentation and finding all this out, I added an exception to my “CCleaner” program to leave alone the one file and the set of Grut Plugin folders in my “Temp” folder and now every brush stays right where it should and the plugin keeps working perfectly, even after cleaning out my pc’s temp files.

    So, this is basically a heads up, if anyone else has this problem, this is why, lol.

    * Yet, if somehow this file and these folders could, by default, hang out in a different spot other than the “Temp” folder, future problems could be avoided?

    1. Thank you so much for this Synthetic. That makes sense, and also very valuable advice for anyone else using CCleaner. I will add that to a future plugin problem solving doc that I am creating. those problems sound very frustrating.

      Two things that may help in this regard with the next version of the plugin:
      – I am going to add an ‘ok to all’ button to the replace brush requester. No one should be tormented like that!
      – We may add a refresh menu item to check which brushes are installed and load them into the panel.
      Not positive about the second one but the first one is a definite.

  6. I’ll start this off…

    1. The plugin is working for me
    2. Windows 8.1
    3. Photoshop 2015.1.1

    1. You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

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