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Watercolour painting with the ‘Ocean Liner’ brush

Digital painting with the ‘Ocean Liner’ digital artists Photoshop watercolor brush
Sometimes I get too excited by the latest brushes and neglect the older ones, so to try to break that habit I’m going back into the brush box and doing some paintings with older brushes. Here’s a painting I did today with one of my favourite watercolour brushes, Ocean Liner. The video is sped up so that it lasts about a minute but the actual painting took about 12 minutes.

Ocean Liner Photoshop watercolor sketch brush
Ocean Liner Photoshop watercolour sketch brush
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A fine watercolour brush with a wide ranging opacity that makes a good sketch brush as well as a detailer for finer work. With a controlled stroke, from firm to light, the Ocean Liner brush will give a nicely graduated line from fairly dark yet soft to the faintest hint of a sketch in one go. The cottony texture gives it a warm organic feel.

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