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“Rasp Anther” New Photoshop Oil Painting Brush

Digital painting with ‘Rasp Anther’ another realistic, responsive, Photoshop Brush for digital artists.
For a change of pace I’ve added a new oil paint brush to the shop, nice and thick, it is transparent at low pressure and has a rough edge so it can be blended nicely with quick frequent brush stokes. When blending remember that a quick fast stroke will show a fair bit of the image below through it. There are probably enough oil brushes that I can put together a pack for a discount, similar to the watercolour brushes pack. I’ll get on that soon!

Rasp Anther - Photoshop Oil Brush
‘Rasp Anther’ Photoshop Oil Brush for digital artists
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A medium sized oil brush with just enough texture to add character but not too much to stand in the way of a relatively solidly filling line. Versatile enough to go from sketch to finely nuanced painting.

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