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New Photoshop Pastel Brush “Clay Remains”

Clay Remains” is a companion to the recently added “Tailors Mane” pastel brush. Similar in tone but thicker in coverage and more powdery at light pressure. If you push lightly it has a bit of a blender effect, a bit like rubbing the page with you finger.

brush strokes of Clay Remains Photoshop Pastel Brush
Brush strokes of a digital pastel drawing done using the Photoshop Pastel Brush toolset ‘Clay Remains’ for digital artists

This is what it’s like to draw with the Clay Remains Photoshop Brush:

'Clay Remains' Photoshop Pastel Brush for digital artists
‘Clay Remains’ Photoshop Pastel Brush for digital artists
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
A dense square shaped Photoshop pastel brush with a thick opaque cover and rough steel wool edges. A good brush for blocking in medium areas of tone

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