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How To Download Procreate Brushes Into Your iPad from the Procreate Brush Browser

This video is available in multiple languages, select yours from the globe icon on the video

New free Procreate brushes added every week

How To Install the Procreate Brushes From the Brush Browser (Step by Step text tutorial)

1. Visit the Procreate Brush Browser to download a Procreate brush
2. Scroll through the brushes to find one you want. You can filter by brush type (watercolour, ink, pencil, etc) or even search by keyword
3. Tap the thumbnails to see a video preview of each brush
4. When you find a Procreate brush you want to install, tap the "download" button to download it to your iPad
5. The download will begin. You can see it by tapping the little down arrow in the top right of your Safari browser
6. When the .brush file has finished downloading, tap the file name
7. The brush will be imported into Procreate
8. When Procreate opens, you can tap on the brush icon and your new brush will be in there

Can't Find The Brush You Downloaded?

You can always find your downloads later by opening the "Files" app and your downloaded brushes will be in there. 

Files app icon with other icons on an iPad

use the FIles app to find missing Procreate brushes that you downloaded

Can't find the Files app? Swipe down on your Home screen and type "Files" and the Files app icon (blue folder) will appear

Tap the brush you want to install and it should install into and open Procreate. If that doesn't happen, tap and hold on the .brush file in Procreate and  choose to open in the Procreate app

Tip: To save the brush to your own drive (in case you get a new iPad one day) tap and hold on the brush, choose "Share" and save it to a safe place on your favourite cloud drive (DropBox, Google Drive) or Air Drop it to your other devices.

Download even MORE great Procreate Brushes

Apart from the free Procreate brushes in the Procreate brush browser/downloader above, you can also get all the GrutBrushes Procreate brush sets that exist today and any new ones published in the next year for just $20 here

That includes all the Procreate watercolours, the full Procreate pencil set, the Oil Impasto set, the inks, literally every Procreate brush I've made and will make for the next 365 days.'

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How to Export Multiple Photoshop Brushes as a Single TPL (to Import into Artstudio Pro)

Q: Can I use GrutBrushes on an iPad Pro?
A: Yes!

I get this question almost every day now and while I don’t have any proper documentation for it yet, you can import GrutBrushes TPL files into both Artstudio Pro (I love this app!) and Adobe Sketch apps

You can import any of the GrutBrushes TPLs right now, but you probably don’t want to import them one at a time. So, in this super-quick video tutorial I show you how to export a batch of TPL brushes into one file all at once. That way you can just upload that single TPL containing all your favourite GrutBrushes to DropBox, iCloud or whatever you use to get files onto your iPad.

Once you have it in the cloud you can import it into Adobe Sketch or Artstudio Pro (shown below) Someday I hope to make a video tutorial showing the whole process, but until then, both apps do currently have information in their documentation on how to import Photoshop brushes so have a look around.

Importing Photoshop Brushes (TPL) into the Artstudip Pro app on the iPad Pro
Importing Photoshop Brushes (TPL) into the Artstudip Pro app on the iPad Pro

Here I am using the GrutBrushes pattern brushes on the iPad pro! Using GrutBrushes with the Apple Pencil is a dream.

GrutBrushes pattern brushes work in ArtStudio Pro and Adobe Sketch on Ipad ios
GrutBrushes can be imported into ArtStudio Pro and Adobe Sketch on th  iPad Pros


…and no, sorry, you can’t use these GrutBrushes in Procreate! It has it’s own wonderful brush format but it can’t import Photoshop brushes. UPDATE: Procreate GrutBrushes are now available! They are not the same as the Photoshop brushes but I think you’ll like them just as much

There are dozens of  apps that claim to be able to import Photoshop brushes but what most of them mean is that they can import the tip shape, but that’s just the most visible but probably the least important feature of a good digital brush.

GrutBrushes are all about the dynamics…HOW the brush behaves, not what it’s brush tip shape looks like.

Unless an app imports all the brush dynamics it’s really not importing the brush.

Adobe Sketch and Artstudio Pro are currently the only apps that can import GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes. If any new apps come along that claim to be able to import Photoshop brushes and all the brush dynamics please let me know, I’ll be the first to buy it and test it out.

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Ipad Pro Brushes for iPad Apps Coming Soon(ish)

ipad pro brushes
Created on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil using GrutBrushes

I LOVE painting on the iPad — I don’t think there is any better digital painting experience
…but I was missing my GrutBrushes from Photoshop.

I’ve been hard at work reproducing (where possible) or creating exciting new brushes for the iPad using the iPad pro and Apple Pencil and I’ll be making them available to you soon(ish)
To be the first to know, put your name on the list below.

Send me iPad Brushes updates! Don’t forget to click the link in the confirmation email you get when you sign up!