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New Ink and Watercolour Brushes

painted with 'gently swayed' the watercolour brush
painted with ‘gently swayed’

There are two new brushes in the shop this week, Gently Swayed A soft, responsive watercolor brush with a fine woolly textured edge. It’s soft fibrous pigment grain gives it a distinct organic personality.

Drawn with the Pelican Teeth ink brush
Drawn with the Pelican Teeth ink brush

The second is a rough scratchy ink brush “Pelican Teeth” A ragged ink brush pen with an intermittent line and the occasional periphery spray from those stray bent bristles. You can get these two latest as part of the ‘All Brushes” package of 25 brushes all for only $10. And if you bought that package in the last 30 days you can download these for free!

If you ever want to see what’s new in brushes, just check the shop, they are listed in order of appearance.


0 thoughts on “New Ink and Watercolour Brushes

  1. Hi Nicolai,
    I downloaded the zip ( 14,601 kb) two times without troubles, but each time I try to extract the contents I receive an error (not much info about it, I use 7-Zip without troubles each day. It seems the file is corrupt or demaged. Anyway, I just downloaded each file, one by one, without troubles. And the extraction was fine, so the only trouble is the ‘all included’ pack.
    I cancelled the order at first ’cause did not understand the suscription thing but then I realise that the suscription is for the near future addons to the pack so I confirmed the payment.
    Thanks for the quick response!
    Im going to try your brushes ASAP

    1. I’m glad it worked out in the End.
      It may well have been corrupted. You might want to try downloading the zip file again, I have updated it today with 3 new brushes; 2 new ink brushes and one new watercolor brush. The individual downloads should also work for these.

      Yes, the subscription status can be confusing, unfortunately it’s the only way I know to currently allow people to download any new brushes for 30 days. I will eventually figure out a better way to work it.

      Thanks Lucas.

  2. Hi. I purchased the “All brushes pack” but the .zip file is broken 🙁
    I’ve tryied two times with the same results… broken file.
    I’ll appreciate any help. Thx

    1. Hi Lucas,

      Sorry you’re having trouble, check your email. I have sent you a download link and an email regarding possible solutions.

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