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How to Scale a Photoshop Art Surface Paper texture to 600dpi

A customer told me that she always works in 600 dpi and wanted to put her artwork into an Art Surface and make sure it remained at 600 dpi so I made this video for her, showing two different ways to do it. There’s a text summary below the video

Method 1
Change the dpi to 600 dpi with resampling off (unchecked) Then paste your 600 dpi image into it (into the green ‘Artwork’ layer)
Then you can use the crop tool to increase your canvas size to any size you need and the background will magically fill in the paper texture seamlessly.

This will tile the Art Surface and the surface grain will appear smaller than when at 300dpi

Method 2
to keep the surface grain appearance the same as it looks when at 300dpI, resize the image to scale it larger (I wouldn’t go more than 200 percent) with resampling ‘on’ When you have it the size you like, change the dpi to 600 with resampling off (unchecked)

Yes, its true, your paper texture will effectively be at 300 dpi but I don’t think this will be a problem in most cases because:

    1. The textures on the surfaces are mostly failrly crisp, so they can handle quite a bit of scaling
    2. They are meant to be used as background surfaces, so most of the time it will be mostly covered or at least not the center of attention
    3. Your Artwork, which will be the center of attention and focal point will be at 600 dpi

If you do find that he surface texture is too soft you can just use method #1 and your texture will remain twice as sharp

The Art surfaces can be found here

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