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Martin Guldbaek in the GrutBrushes Gallery

detail of boy light study by Martin Guldbaek
detail of boy light study by Martin Guldbaek

When I see how Martin Guldbaek uses my Oil Impasto Photoshop brushes it is such a thrill. He brings out their sculptural qualities and gives them weight, to create forms that feel almost physical even though they are mostly just broad brush strokes of digital paint, but so perfectly placed, thanks to Martin’s superb understanding of light and volume.

You might be surprised to learn that he is not a fine artist by trade but actually an art director who works mainly in 3D, but that goes a long way to explaining how well he is able to represent form and volume so well. That combined with the lovely way Martin embraces the brushes’ texture gives this digital painting a surprisingly rich organic feeling. I’m getting lost in talking about the technical aspects of his painting because they are exciting to me, but what really makes Martin Guldbaek’s painting so striking to me in the end is how intimate it feels when this portrait stares right back at me when I into their eyes.

you can see more of Martin’s work in his portfolio on Artstation here

Here’s a wonderful series of studies of faces (also painted using the GrutBrushes Impasto Oil brushes)

digital paint study by Martin Guldbaek (using GrutBrushes oil impasto Photoshop brushes)
digital paint study by Martin Guldbaek


The portrait by Martin Guldbaek at the top of this page is the latest addition to the GrutBrushes gallery of works created using GrutBrushes, where you can see this painting as well as many more created by talented artists using GrutBrushes digital brushes. I am very grateful to Martin Guldbaek and all the other included artists for allowing me to show their work.


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