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Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #48 ‘Rag Blather’

Painted in Photoshop with the 'Rag Blather' Natural Media brush
Painted in Photoshop with the ‘Rag Blather’ Natural Media brush

This was sketched in Photoshop with this week’s brush of the week ‘Rag Blather‘ which is available for free all week in the brush shop or on the free brush of the week page.



4 thoughts on “Free Photoshop Brush of the Week #48 ‘Rag Blather’

  1. Nicolai, There’s a fine reference book also ( It was originally published to accompany the MOMA exhibition. But unfortunately it is now out of print. Seurat was indeed a master!

    1. I am actually working on a series of Seurat inspired pointillist brushes. Sometimes it feels a tad sacrilegious but I get over that as it’s not about the tools in the end. Tools are just that.

  2. Maybe! Thanks John, nice sketchbook broswer at that Seurat link. I think it’s nice to see that kind of work in context.

  3. Nice work (again) Nicolai – are you channeling M. Seurat here?

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