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GrutBrushes Gallery – Submit your paintings and Drawings!

Digital Painting by Synthetic Geek. Painted using GrutBrushes
Digital Painting by Synthetic Geek

The GrutBrushes Gallery is Online and Open!
Finally! Come by to have a look at the fantastic work created with a ton of talent (… and GrutBrushes!) by artist’s of all types, almost all of them not me!
You can support the artists by visiting their pages and support the gallery by sharing it (easy sharing links are at the bottom of the page)

If you have some work you’d like to submit for possible inclusion in the gallery I really want to see it! Even if you want to send me doodles you’ve done and don’t want to make them public just yet, please do and  l can keep it just between us. I love to see the great drawings and paintings you create with the brushes, it keeps me inspired and I learn what brushes to make next based on what you create with them and your suggestions. So send me your stuff.

Sorry it’s taken me so long but I had to make sure I had all the proper permissions and the correct links to see more of these generous and talented artists’ work. I’m still waiting to hear back from some of you so if that’s you, send me your info and permission to post! When submitting your work, let me know if it’s ok to use it in social media posts as well as the gallery and then you won’t have to see so many of my scribblings anymore. For now, you’ll just have to visit the gallery to see some real artist’s work.

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted to the gallery!

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Animated Tribute to Mad Max:Fury Road (featuring a GrutBrush!)

Still frame from an animated tribute to "Mad Max:Fury Road" by Pablo Fernández Eyre
Still frame from animated tribute to “Mad Max:Fury Road” by Pablo Fernández Eyre

Using his talent, a lot of patience and the Dense Weather Photoshop oil paint brush from GrutBrushes, Filmmaker Pablo Fernandez Eyre created this animated tribute to Mad Max:Fury Road. You can Watch it here on Vimeo and you can learn more about Pablo on his website Continue reading Animated Tribute to Mad Max:Fury Road (featuring a GrutBrush!)

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Using Multiple Watercolour Brushes

Painted using 3 different digital  watercolor brushes
Painted using 3 different digital watercolor brushes

Sometimes one brush will do for the whole painting but other pieces call for multiple brushes. The colour in this painting was done using the bolder Paste Up and Grape Remains for the hair and for the subtler more even tone of the background I used the Moth Wing brush. For shading I used the Ocean Liner brush with a reduced opacity so that I could go over and build up darker areas slowly and also for the clothing I used Lofty Tinge which has more texture. To get some more texture and drama into the background I added some of the more saturated orangey bits using the Paste Up brush again, this time with a much larger brush size, about double what I used on the hair.