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How to get ‘Painter’ Oil Paint Brush look in Photoshop


Well, you can’t import Corel Painter brushes into Photoshop but I couldn’t accept that I couldn’t get that lovely natural(ish) impasto oil look in Photoshop. It took me a long time, but I think it was worth it as I managed to create a Photoshop oil brush that looks and behaves very much like my favourite Painter flat camel hair oil brush. It’s so much fun to use and the oil appears to ‘stay wet’ like real oil paints so you can smush it around until you get the brush strokes you’re looking just so (watch me softening the height of the strokes in the middle here) With a light touch it gives a semi translucent diluted oil but the harder you press, the more impasto texture shows up – Full pressure gives you thick oil paint, light pressure, a light wash, in between you can use it as a blender.  This brush seen here is called “Brief Shona”

Though this video is zoomed in about 150%, it is a real-time painting and I am using only one oil brush, at one size (no blender brushes are used, all blending is done with the same brush by varying stylus pressure. I’m nowhere near finished with impasto, I have another dozen or so similar brushes in the workshop that will probably take a while to tweak before they are ready for unveiling but in the meantime you can see this one in the shop here.

As usual, this brush is free to anyone who purchased the All Brushes set in the last 30 days. Just log into your account and you can ‘buy’ it for $0. This may be the last brush available in the All Brushes deal as it will become the ‘All Sets’ collection very soon and premium single brushes will only be free to subscribing members. There’s no membership available yet, so grab the All Brushes collection until then, there will be a discount for previous purchases.

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