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Free Photoshop Brushes are back!

[box type=”info”]UPATE: This promotion is now over but there will be plenty more like it in the future. In the meantime, there are always brushes available for free or on sale and newly published brushes can usually be downloaded for free for the first 48 hours so register to keep in touch[/box] Free Photoshop brushes for a share
free pressure sensitive artisinal Photoshop brushes
Download Photoshop brushes Free for a share

To anyone looking for the free Photoshop brushes deal for a share, the coupon wasn’t working for a while and the blue box wasn’t showing up. It’s fixed now, and when you add brushes to your cart you should see the blue share box again. Click on Like, tweet or G+ in your cart and all the brushes in your cart will be free (while this deal lasts) The box to look for in your cart looks like this one here on the right:

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‘Poster Bantam’ – Photoshop Inking Brush

An artisanal Photoshop Inking brush for a change of pace. Poster Bantam is a broad and highly versatile Photoshop inking brush that can be used for sketching, painting and broad area fill. It mimics the look of wet water based poster paints on paper or card stock, with a a pretty fluid mostly opaque coverage while bits of the paper occasionally show through ever so slightly. A second swipe of the brush will give full coverage of course. At low pressure the brush is a bit drier, shows as well as some more textured bristles at the edges of the brush strokes. Great for broad gestural drawings, expressionistic sketching, signage and hand painted text.

Time lapse digital watercolor painting brush strokes painted using the pressure sensitive Photoshop Watercolour brush toolset 'Poster Bantam'
Time lapse digital watercolor painting done using the pressure sensitive Photoshop Watercolour brush toolset ‘Poster Bantam’ from

free Photoshop brush offer

This brush is free for you today just for reading this! Enter the coupon code INKME01 into your cart and you can download this latest Photoshop brush for free (until June 23 2015)

Brush strokes drawn with Poster Bantam Photoshop inking brush
Brush strokes drawn with Poster Bantam Photoshop inking brush
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Leaky Pen Photoshop Brush

Do you miss the old leaky pens from the real world? Well now your Photoshop pen can spring a digital ink leak!

Splatter Reed, the latest digital ink brush is a leaky ink Photoshop brush that splatters ink as you draw. The faster you sketch back and forth the more digital ink splatter you’ll get. Get the messy leaky ink photoshop brush for yourself. This time, the carpet’s are safe.

free Photoshop brush offer

You can download this Photoshop brush for FREE for the next 48 hours with the code BLOG140617 I’m experimenting with providing all brushes for free for at least 24 hours to members (sign up for free) as they are published so check back soon while that lasts. (Hint…at least one more brush is coming up this week)

Time-lapse digital watercolour painting done using the 'Splatter Reed' pressure sensitive Photoshop Ink brush toolset
Brush strokes drawn with ‘Splatter Reed’ the pressure sensitive Photoshop leaky pen brush
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Digital Painting Tip – How to control watercolour edging

digital watercolor painting tip
How to remove watercolour edges

When using the watercolour brushes, you may want to reduce, increase or simply control where the ‘edging’ appears. While painting, make sure you don’t lift your pen or stylus off the tablet, then reduce the pressure until you are pushing very lightly and go over the area where you want to remove the edging.

With a light stroke you will no longer be adding paint and will only be removing the dark edges. Then, if you like, you can go back over the same area with more pressure and add in fill. As long as you don’t lift your pen, your stroke will be ‘edgeless’ on the second pass. The key to all of this is you cannot lift your pen off the drawing tablet, you can take your time but it must all be done in one stroke.

Download a free realistic watercolour brush tool to try it for yourself.