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Leaky Pen Photoshop Brush

Do you miss the old leaky pens from the real world? Well now your Photoshop pen can spring a digital ink leak!

Splatter Reed, the latest digital ink brush is a leaky ink Photoshop brush that splatters ink as you draw. The faster you sketch back and forth the more digital ink splatter you’ll get. Get the messy leaky ink photoshop brush for yourself. This time, the carpet’s are safe.

free Photoshop brush offer

You can download this Photoshop brush for FREE for the next 48 hours with the code BLOG140617 I’m experimenting with providing all brushes for free for at least 24 hours to members (sign up for free) as they are published so check back soon while that lasts. (Hint…at least one more brush is coming up this week)

Time-lapse digital watercolour painting done using the 'Splatter Reed' pressure sensitive Photoshop Ink brush toolset
Brush strokes drawn with ‘Splatter Reed’ the pressure sensitive Photoshop leaky pen brush
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PasteUp – New Watercolour brush

A broad messy edged wash brush with a variable width and rich contrasty texture.

Actual brush strokes from the  “PasteUp” watercolour Photoshop brush

Digital watercolor painting done using the pressure sensitive real watercolor Photoshop brush 'Pasteup' from

OK, this one’s the best watercolour brush. Maybe I spoke to soon or perhaps my latest Photoshop brush will always be my favourite.

Pasteup has a rougher edge than the other watercolour brushes (with Frontier being perhaps the smoothest edged) PasteUp also has a tonal range that’s a bit higher than most, from very light to almost completely opaque depending on the stylus pressure. This makes it ever so slightly more challenging as it requires a bit more control to manage the opacity of the brush stroke but it still gives a pretty great looking natural watercolour effect no matter what you do.

Brush Strokes from the watercolour Photoshop brush toolset "PasteUp"
Brush Stroke samples from the “PasteUp” watercolour Photoshop brush

Here’s a  Time-lapse video of the Striped Shirt Boy painting being painted with the Pasteup brush. The original painting took about 10 minutes to paint, it has been sped up here to last about 1 minute.

You can try Grutbrushes for yourself and download a free watercolor Photoshop brush here.

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All Pressure Responsive Photoshop Brushes Free For a Share

[twocol_one][box type=”info”]UPDATE: The “free for a share” is no longer running but you can download this Photoshop watercolor brush for free!

I had to stop the original free for a share program partly because the software code used to run it was causing big problems with the site. When I find a better way to implement it I will run the promotion again. It was popular while it lasted though…a few hundred Photoshop brushes were given away absolutely free! Until next time, you can always get the free Photoshop brush of the week There’s a new one every week[/box][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]


These brushes were free during the promotion. They are now available to purchase in the brush shop.


“Hatch Wren”, a pressure responsive cross hatching brush for Photoshop.


“Pointy Pop” a pointillist pressure responsive brush for Photoshop Animated look at the pointilism brush for Photoshop

“Tally Stick” Natural Charcoal Brush for Photoshop

Real Charcoal Photoshop Brush in action
A natural and dynamic charcoal brush for Photoshop that responds to stylus pressure

“Hatch Thrasher” A responsive Cross-hatch Photoshop Brush

Pressure sensitive dynamic cross hatching animated Photoshop brush
A pressure sensitive Etching style cross-hatch shader brush for Photoshop