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Painting a Monster-Clown-Doodle

This is me trying to break my habit of drawing with black lines on a white background. Having grown up doodling on white photocopy paper with pencils and pens, my instinct is still to go for black lines on white. To try something different, here I started with a coloured background and a white paint brush (“Molten Filo”) and finished him off with a few orange flourishes with the “Creamsicle” watercolour brush. It’s very satisfying to break away from what’s comfortable and shaking things up is always a nice way to kickstart your creative impulses.

If you’re wondering about the texture, I am painting above a coloured background layer but underneath a copy of that layer, which is set to ‘overlay’ thus providing the linen-like texture.

Brushes used:
Molten Filo Photoshop oil brush
(coming soon:
Creamsicle watercolor Photoshop brush
Also introducing: the GrutBrushes Digital Artist’s Tool Panel


2 thoughts on “Painting a Monster-Clown-Doodle

  1. Regarding the Digital Artists Tool Panel, just wondering what versions of Photoshop this is for. I use CS6 a lot and also CC2015. Is this specifically targeted just for CC? Looks like a terrific add-on!

    1. You have eagle eyes Digital Lady Syd!
      The plugin works in Photoshop CC only (Mac and PC)
      Anyone who spends $5 gets it for free and anyone who has purchased the (soon to be retired) All Brushes Collection is elligible to get it for free as well. You are certainly elligible for a free one, so just email me if you’re interested in trying it or have any questions or trouble getting it.

      I am currently still testing it’s integration with the site so I haven’t really announced it yet. It is already avaiable in the store, it’s just a soft (so soft its almost secret) launch for now I will be doing a proper launch (I hope) in a week or two once Ive had a chance to knock away any issues I find. It’s certainly 90% there though. When that happens I will let everyone know.

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