Raw – Behind the Scenes of the GrutBrushes Demo Videos

Here are a few of the brush strokes from the video ad If you would like to see some more or something in particular just let me know!

Also feel free to leave any unrelated comments or requests below and check back soon…I’ll do my best to answer them all!
If you are looking for general help or frequently asked questions though you can check the Help page

– Nicolai

8 thoughts on “Raw – Behind the Scenes of the GrutBrushes Demo Videos

  1. Please make one for procreate:)>?>????

    1. I do have Procreate brushes Jiya! You can get my Procreate brushes here. Thanks for the suggestion

  2. Expensive?

    1. I suppose that’s relative its $20 for about 400 brushes.

  3. I have some grunge brushes which are exalent. But can I ask is it possible to get them to work in 32bit.

    There Are a lot of artists who work in the film and TV industry and have to work in this.

    Many thanks again for your work.

    1. If you set your document to 32 bit they will all paint in 32 bit Anthony. I can’t remember if Photoshop can be set to 32 bit though, maybe not! 16 may be the max (sorry it took me so long to reply!) I actually used to work in Visual FX myself but as a compositor, not a painter.

  4. May I use it without a touch screen?

    1. Yes, the brushes don’t need a touch screen, but you do need a tablet with a stylus (like a Wacom or compatible)

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