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Free Procreate Brush Sets

There are plenty of free Procreate brushes on the site in the Procreate Brushes Browser/downloader, but I’m going to start adding more free Procreate brushsets as well.

I just uploaded the first one this week but I will be adding many more and I will try to remember to update this post each time I add new bush sets but you can always just check the browser too.

How To Find the Free Procreate Brush Sets

To find them, just visit the brush browser and select “Brush Pack” from the dropdown menu and it will show you all the brushset files.

how to set the filters to download free Procreate brush sets
Set the filters to “Free” and the Type to “Brush Pack”

Here is a list of GrutBrushes Procreate brush sets available to download for free (just the one for now but I will update as I add new sets)

Free Dashes and Dots Procreate Brushes Brushset

Procreate dash and dots brush pack examples (brushset file)
20 Procreate dashes brushes in one brushset file

Dashes and Dots is the first free brushset file and it contains 20 different Procreate line brushes of dots and dashes in different shapes, sizes and gap widths.
The dots and dashes follow the direction of your Pencil, stylus or finger as you paint with them.

Remember that dashes are rigid. Tight curves with dashes don’t look very nice, so making a smooth curve with dashes requires a fair bit of distance (or small dashes)

Like turning a ship, the gentler and wider the curve the better. Think of making a circle with match sticks, you’d want a gentle curve with 20 matches. doing it with just 3 sticks would give you a triangle instead of a curve.


I will publish another free mini set next week. Stay tuned! 

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