Two Free Art Surfaces for You

Welcome friends of Wacom!

Today you can download  any two single Art Surfaces Paper Textures ($4 each in the Shop) for FREE

1. Use the blue button below to add the coupon code*
2. Pick two Art Surfaces singles in the shop
3. Check out for free!

*The discount will be applied when you checkout!

What are Art Surfaces?

They are infinite canvas Photoshop templates, that add paper texture surface lighting and shadow to your artwork "Live" as you paint in them. You can learn how to use one in this quick video tutorial

Each Art Surface template contains 6 to 10 Smart Surface settings that allow you to select from different surface types and styles like "Subtle", "Distressed" or "worn"

Use them on your Photos too

They are not only for painting and drawing, they will work on anything you drop into them. This tutorial shows you how to use them on photographs

They are non-destructive so you can change the look or remove them anytime you like

Use them in Clip Studio

Although they are Photoshop PSD templates,  you can also use them in Clip Studio with a tiny modification. Just follow the steps in this 40 Second tutorial

Unfortunately Clip Studio doesn't support the advanced Tiling and Layer Comp features so those are only available in Photoshop

To learn more about Art Surfaces you can read and see more demos here and you can also read the Art Surfaces manual here for more tips