Wool Meander – Photoshop Natural Media Brush


Photoshop Natural Media Brush
✓ Real – Real Charcoal appearance
✓ Organic – Crafted from real textures
✓ Responsive – Pressure sensitive*
✓ Natural – No two strokes are alike

 *requires a pressure sensitive graphics tablet


A grainy charcoal type brush with a very wide range in both width and coverage. At the lightest pressure this brush is capable of very light, fine-grained middling width sketching lines and even at medium pressure can be quite a versatile shader brush, capable of a wide range of tones. At full pressure you get a harsh, fully opaque line with a large grain and a crumbly edge.

digital drawing brush strokes created with the 'Wool Meander' digital drawing toolset
Actual brush strokes created with the ‘Wool Meander’ digital drawing toolset

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher