LightSaber Glow – Photoshop Lightsaber Brush


✓ Realistic – Integrates With Backdrop
✓ Additive – Adds Light to the Photo
✓ Naturalistic – Lighting changes to match Scene
✓ Mouse-able – Works without a graphics Tablet!


Add a light glow to your lightsabers with this Visual Effects Photoshop brush. Use the Saber Blade brush to create the main lightsaber, then chose this brush, hold down shift and click on your start and end points to add a nice light glow.

Light Saber Special Effects brushes for Photoshop
Adding LightSaber effects to Photographs using the LightSaber Glow and LightSaber Blade Photoshop brush
[box type=”info”]This brush is intended to be used in conjunction with the ‘Lightsaber Blade’ brush. Make sure you add it to your cart! [/box]

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher