LightSaber Blade – Photoshop Lightsaber Brush


✓ Realistic – Integrates With Backdrop
✓ Additive – Adds Light to the Photo
✓ Naturalistic – Lighting changes to match Scene
✓ Mouse-able – Works without a graphics Tablet!


Paint Light Sabers onto Photographs using this visual effects Photoshop brush. Hold down shift and click start and end points to draw a straight line, then do the same with the Saber Glow Photoshop brush to add a nice glow light effect.


Light Saber Special Effects brushes for Photoshop
Adding Glowing Light Saber Effects to Photographs using the LightSaber “Blade” Brush and “LightSaber Glow” Photoshop brush


[box type=”info”]This brush is intended to be used in conjunction with the ‘Lightsaber Glow’ brush. Make sure you add it to your cart! [/box]

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher