Picky Fuss – Photoshop Oil Paint Brush


Photoshop Oil Paint Brush

✓ Real – Real oil paint appearance
✓ Organic – Crafted from real textures
✓ Responsive – Pressure sensitive*
✓ Natural – No two brush strokes are alike

*requires a pressure sensitive graphics tablet


A Sharply defined bold and thick Photoshop oil brush with a conspicuous profile. This oil brush starts and ends with a crisp opaque layer of opaque paint that clumps and clears occasionally as if applied without regard to thinner of any kind. For excitement in your digital paintings this brush is for those who can’t wait to get the contents of a tube of oil paint liberally exclaimed onto the canvas, sparing no expense in it’s application.

brush strokes of Picky Fuss Photoshop oil brush
brush strokes of the Picky Fuss Photoshop oil brush

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher