Mud Slice – Photoshop Pencil


✓ Real – Real Pencil appearance
✓ Organic – Crafted from real textures
✓ Responsive – Pressure sensitive*
✓ Natural – No two strokes are alike

 *requires a pressure sensitive graphics tablet


A rich, thick Photoshop pencil, perhaps the equivalent of a 5B or 6B graphite sketching pencil. Although it gives the dark opaque lead line at top stylus pressures, it has a nice tonal range and is capable of rather fine faint lines at the lowest pressure making it a very flexible sketching pencil.

Photoshop Pencil Drawing, drawn using the 'Mud Slice' Photoshop Pencil
Photoshop Pencil Drawing, drawn using the ‘Mud Slice’ Photoshop Pencil

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher