Mid Yewer – Photoshop Charcoal Brush


Photoshop Charcoal Brush
✓ Real – Real Charcoal appearance
✓ Organic – Crafted from real textures
✓ Responsive – Pressure sensitive*
✓ Natural – No two strokes are alike

 *requires a pressure sensitive graphics tablet


A sharp fine grained charcoal brush with a fairly wide range of coverage fom light to dark. This round-tiped charcoal brush starts with a fine grain at low texture and though it’s width is failry fixed it has a darker slightly thicker grain at full stylus pressure.

Drawing done with the Mid Yewer Photoshop Charcoal Brush. A realistic, responsive, charcoal Brush for digital artists.
Drawn with the “Mid Yewer” Photoshop Charcoal Brush.

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher