Brash Mass – Photoshop Natural Media Brush


Photoshop Natural Media Brush
✓ Real – Real Media appearance
✓ Organic – Crafted from real textures
✓ Responsive – Pressure sensitive*
✓ Natural – No two strokes are alike

 *requires a pressure sensitive graphics tablet


A bold, robust brush with broad cover and a strong unambiguous graphic presence. In a manner unique to digital brushes this ink-like brush has ultra-sharp crisp aliased edges while displaying a base texture more reminiscent of softer media like pastel. Although you can get a fairly sparse grainy cover at low pressure this brush quickly goes to full opacity with minimal pressure making it best for broad, confident graphic strokes.

Video of digital painting done using the 'Brash Mass' Photoshop Natural Media Brush toolset
Drawing with the ‘Brash Mass’ Photoshop Natural Media Brush toolset

requires Photoshop cs5 or higher