Procreate Unlimited – Members Brushes

CackleThis broad waxy brush has a wide breadth and a crackly surface textureNatural MediaProcreate
Carny YarnA Soft painterly natural media brush with a fixed widthNatural MediaProcreate
Cava GuageA rough edged sample brushCharcoalProcreate
ChabankA softish charcoal with a chunky, opaque brittle finish at the top of the pressure rangeCharcoalProcreate
Skim GrifterCharcoal brush for ProcreateCharcoalProcreate
Cloudy BunVery soft watercolour brush Tip: This one is good for building up subtle shadingWatercolourProcreate
Fringe LeapCharcoal brush for ProcreateCharcoalProcreate
Fuzz MonkeySpecialty brush for ProcreateSpecialtyProcreate
GalaxsoupWatercolour brush for ProcreateWatercolourProcreate
Gruff RumbleVery visible bristle marks make this a very expressive paint brush for concept workNatural MediaProcreate
GumshoeA Procreate ink brush with sticky, somewhat oily strokesInkProcreate
Able WhaleA wide flat gouache brush with a lumpy texture on the top pressure end. Tip: to get a mid tone wash, keep your pressure in the mid rangeGouacheProcreate
Inkyleak 01A splattery inky leak FX brush that sprays and splatters as you drag it. Tip: Tap for a light splatter or press and drag for a bigger messEffectsProcreate
BountyInker for ProcreateInk LinerProcreate
FangInker for ProcreateInk LinerProcreate
GrazerA fuzzy line pen which slays out a little, like a damaged felt penInkProcreate
GruffA skewed, damaged charcoal pencilInk LinerProcreate
Numb CuffNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
RoasterInker for ProcreateInk LinerProcreate
ShawA soft inker which has a long slow transparency gradient and a short taper. Good for light sketching with bold weighted accent linesInk LinerProcreate
TinkerInker for ProcreateInk LinerProcreate
JilleeNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Lawn MowerSpecialty texture brush for ProcreateSpecialtyProcreate
Loe PearlyA very soft watercolour brush with light edge pooling. Tip: use a very light touch when layering to avoid overlapping edgesWatercolourProcreate
LolaA thick and pasty oil pastel type brush with lots of flaky oil remnants. Good for broad gestural drawings with an instant expressionist tone thanks to its distinctive imprint.Natural MediaProcreate
Lush MushAcrylic brush for ProcreateAcrylicProcreate
NestSpecialty brush for brush, hair, nests and fibersSpecialtyProcreate
Bin CringeNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Bon FondiNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Bull FinnyNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Burnt ToastNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Creeky LimeA natural media brush with sparse coverage. While the line width varies greatly, the texture of the fill is wiry grainy ink look, like a sticky ink coming off a linoleum roller. Natural MediaProcreate
Dim DetritusA thick and pasty oil pastel type brush with lots of flaky oil remnants. Good for broad gestural drawings with an instant expressionist tone.Natural MediaProcreate
Dryer LintA soft fluffy textural fill brush. Tip: This brush soaks in and gets darker with multiple passes.Natural MediaProcreate
Ember CutA tapering charcoal- like brush with a wiry footprint. Tip: keep your pressure in the mid range for a bit of smudgingNatural MediaProcreate
Fizz ShimmerA fuzzy felt tipped marker pen natural media brush with a variable width. This brush has middling coverage with the equivalent of about a 50% screentone. good for sketching, and detailed texture treatmentNatural MediaProcreate
Gel StalkA slightly rough but still controllable drawing brush with a torn paper edge and a fill that has a mottled oily texture reminiscent of crayon on watercolour paper.Natural MediaProcreate
Hats TipperNatural media brush for ProcreateNatural MediaProcreate
Hoos BootA coarse crayon like brush with a fairly smooth ramp up from the mid opacity range ending in a creamy consistency at the top pressure range but starting out with a crumbly broken line at the lowest pressure.Natural MediaProcreate
Humble BeeA sticky paint with a stucco finish. Tip: keep your pressure on the low range to add pure speckled texture as this brush doesn't taper muchNatural MediaProcreate
Low CronyA wet paint brush with a generous amount of chunky pigment. This brush starts faIrly wide and has an uneven blobby flow resulting in a natural though uneven line. Good for covering larger areas or broad strokes.Natural MediaProcreate
Pim CrayA crude and waxy crayon-like brush with interrupted coverage. Unlike a crayon, this brush has a slightly wet edge, and is capable of a very fine point, and just like a crayon, You will need to make several strokes for full coverage.Natural MediaProcreate
Shim TimberA soft and fuzzy graphite brush which reveals an airy feathery textured medium base. A great shader for light soft tones.Natural MediaProcreate
Steel FeedA crispy, fine textured natural media brush with a dusty mid range and sharp speckled high end and a little smudging along the wayNatural MediaProcreate
Vulpine WileA natural media brush with a coarse, granular, pastel-like texture but the tail and tapering of a diluted ink brush. Natural MediaProcreate
Brief ShonaA short haired coarse impasto oil brush which applies a fairly thick streaky layer of paint at full pressure but a light wet coat of translucent runny oil at the lowest pressure.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Butter BitsAn Oil Impasto brush with soft round edges and a medium textured body.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Chip GimbleImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Cliff QuarryAn impasto brush with a lot of texture and a surface of wavy divots like a spackled plaster ceilingOil ImpastoProcreate
Cow PloughImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Din RushImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Dusty SquidA broad spackling, splattery oil brush that is good for backgrounds and covering large areas with textured tone.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Feelie ReefImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Gem GessoProcreate Impasto oil paint brush with a very low grade texture and fairly tightly controled edgingOil ImpastoProcreate
Granite SackA dry, pasty impasto with a flaky texture and little to no blending. good to build up and roughing in shapes and forms.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Gravel PloughAn impasto brush with a deep camel hair bristle furrowed stroke and a gritty textureOil ImpastoProcreate
Grim SpindleA Photoshop Oil Impasto brush with a soft yet chunky rose petal footprint that produces dynamic and explosive impressionistic strokes but also capable of light splashy accents.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Gypsum SlateA pasty impasto oil paint brush with a wide, flat, slab-like application similar to that achieved with a thin palette knifeOil ImpastoProcreate
Hip TwitchAn Oil Impasto brush with a thick, dry, stucco-like texture. Oil ImpastoProcreate
Horse MainA thin wispy oil impasto brush with a fairly narrow tapering point and lots of wispy trailing strands. Tip: With pressure this brush gives a moderate amount of impasto depth, but used lightly it acts as a leveler and blender.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Imp GigantoA thick and chunky oil impasto brush with a ton of texture and thick pasty streaks. With splattering edges, this broad stroked brush makes a good impressionistic brush full of rich, organic character.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Jee BeachA gritty wet, dimpled oil impasto brush with a lot of texture and a blobby round brush headOil ImpastoProcreate
Kin CaneAn oil impasto brush that is thick and creamy at high pressure. Tip: Dragging it across the canvas at low pressure produces a lovely crispy texture. Mid range pressure acts as a smooth blenderOil ImpastoProcreate
Lalo SalsaA crispy oil impasto brush with a dry and sparse spackled stroke stuffed with textured grain.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Linsee DewA thick-bristled short hair oil impasto brush with a sandy fill. TIP: Apply with light pressure to get a wet blendable wash, push harder to get a thick pasty brush with lots of depth. At the top of the pressure ramp this brush will apply thickly, like oil paint straight out of the tube with no thinner.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Lone OakA very thick impasto oil brush with tons of ridges and lumpy surface texture. If you like your oil impasto applied thick and messy this brush will cover your canvas quickly.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Pincher CuffImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Plein RakeA thick impasto brush with a sharp grooved texture. This oil brush comes on lightly, as a light transparent wash at the very lowest pressures but at high pressure reveals furrowed grooves. Although it quickly widens out to its fixed width, it is capable of faint, thinner lines at the lowest stylus pressures for quickly roughing in a sketch before filling in.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Shiff DinAn Oil Impasto brush with a thin, greasy, spindly footprint. This prickly bristled brush has more texture than coverage giving it a very distinct personality.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Slow BoaImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Spongy RutImpasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Stump TroughAn Impasto oil brush with a short stumpy footprint. This brush applies thick paint relatively sparsely with the pronounced furrows of a coarse haired flat.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Sugar KnifeA thick, rich impasto brush that applies like a generously loaded palette knife. With a stepped build up, this brush paints on in thick strips that tear easily at low pressure resulting in nice organic streaks and scrapes.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Surly ChatAn Oil Impasto brush with a strong, hard, bristle imprint which borders a fine mid-range covering. This brush has a nice textured drop-off shelf which ramps off it's tapering edgeOil ImpastoProcreate
Tame BakerAn Oil Impasto brush that goes on very dry, with an abrasive fine steel wool texture. With a light touch this brush is nice for dusty dry-brush effects.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Teddy PawA soft, wet impasto oil brush with a medium to light brush fibre fingerprint at full pressure but a fairly wet, light wash at the lowest stylus pressure.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Tenor WakeA silky smooth oil impasto brush, good for coverage and blending areas with minimal depth but maximum opacity range.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Tone SoakNot so much an impasto brush as a wet oil blocking brush to use for roughing in large areas of tone as an underpaintingOil ImpastoProcreate
Venal WeaselA sharp, short-haired oil impasto brush with a fair amount of control. A medium amount of brush bristle visibility and a brittle paint that breaks up nicely at the pressure edges.Oil ImpastoProcreate
Yew StrewnAn impasto oil paint brush for ProcreateOil ImpastoProcreate
Pack SackA rough, textured natural media brushNatural MediaProcreate
MiddlerA pencil brush for ProcreatePencilProcreate
Shader 01A pencil shader that draws as if laid down even when held vertically for those who prefer to not have to tilt the stylusPencilProcreate
Pummice RustCharcoal brush for ProcreateCharcoalProcreate
CrimpA pencil brush for ProcreatePencilProcreate
TransomA pencil brush for ProcreatePencilProcreate
Ruff SlinkyA wooly textured paintbrush with a coarse, grainy strokeNatural MediaProcreate
Rusty GaleA speckled airbrush with fine to medium spraySpecialtyProcreate
Scribe TheoremAn FX brush that sprays out tiny illegible random bits of textEffectsProcreate
Sink NebulaA Procreate brush with a static fractal textured imprintNatural MediaProcreate
Slop JollyA felt pen with an acute taperInkProcreate
Soft ShoeVery soft, shader brush with fine powdery textureNatural MediaProcreate
SpringerProcreate ink brushInkProcreate
Squid RocketInk splatter effects brush for ProcreateEffectsProcreate
TundraA slightly textured light wash with an oily edge bleed that soaks out a further 20 percentWatercolourProcreate
Winky GrinA splotchy pastel spray brushNatural MediaProcreate
CapilloA medium textured watercolour as if painted with a barber's shaving brushWatercolourProcreate
Cherry PectinA sediment heavy watercolour brush with plenty of texture and deliciously sludgy edges full of pigment. Tip: To wipe away edge texture; without lifting the stylus, reduce pressure and paint expanding circles.WatercolourProcreate
Cowl AwningWatercolour brush for ProcreateWatercolourProcreate
Moth WingWatercolour brush for ProcreateWatercolourProcreate
SipplyWatercolour brush for ProcreateWatercolourProcreate
Pt Arrows 02Chevron style arrow brush for Procreate. Follows your stylus and creates larger arrows when you press harderPatternProcreate
Awe SipsProcreate PencilPencilProcreate
Borrowed PencilProcreate PencilPencilProcreate
Cobble SkateProcreate PencilPencilProcreate