Free Photoshop Oil Painting Brush

This Photoshop oil painting brush was so popular when I made it the free Photoshop brush of the week that I’m leaving it up for free for all of those who wrote to me saying they missed it!

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Free Photoshop oil brush
Photoshop oil brush “Butter Bits” for digital painting

Want More Oil Impasto Brushes?

Below are just 10 of the 25 Oil Impasto Photoshop brushes you get in the Impastos 01 brushes set for Photoshop or for Procreate

Impastos 01 - Photoshop Impasto Oil Brushes
Oil Impasto Photoshop brushes from the Impastos 01 set

All these and over 300 more are also all included in the Art Brushes Complete set:

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