Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Painting Clouds in Photoshop with GrutBrushes Cloud FX brushes

update: The Photoshop Cloud brushes set is now available in the shop!  Get all 50 Cloud FX Photoshop brushes here.

** pre-order only – Release date unknown (March?)

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These clouds were all painted in Photoshop in just a few minutes with the upcoming GrutBrushes Cloud FX brushes, part of the new line of GrutBrushes tools for visual effects, retouching, and Photo compositing.

These are not stencil stamp brushes. These cloud brushes are dynamic and responsive. No two brush strokes will ever be alike. The brushes respond to the individual pressure of each of your strokes of the strylus.

Turn your stylus into a spray can full of fluffy clouds. Press lightly for a slight whisp, push harder to blanket your photo in delicious thick realistic Cummulus clouds. Take it easy though, the secret to realistic clouds is subtlety. A light touch goes a long way in creating realistic skies.

I haven’t set a final price for them yet but it will be more than $5 If you want to save some money and are willing to wait, you can reserve them now and pay only $5 no matter what I set the final price at.

You will get an email when they are ready to download

Photoshop Cloud Brushes FAQ:

How much will the cloud brushes cost?
I don’t know yet. Somewhere between $6 and $20. $5 is the pre-order price

When can I download them?
I am not sure but almost certainly before

Where can I download the cloud brushes?
Check on your account page under ‘available downloads’ unless you hear otherwise in an email from me a link should appear there.

Will these be free to Art Brush Members?
No, sorry, FX brushes are not part of the Art Brush series.