Newsletter Freebie #31

Good Mood is a dry, natural media brush with a very short, grainy "tail trail"

In real life, you get this kind of stroke for two main reasons
1. A fairly dry, flat paint brush or 2. A soft pastel or chalk on soft, highly textured paper

This is a very simple brush, but those are usually the most useful ones. They give your work a particular signature but don't overpower the look, instead allowing your gestures to determine the style.

the 'Good Mood' brush shown in 3 different Photoshop panels with accompanying animated brush stroke demos

The "Good Mood" brush can be used in the Brushes Panel (ABR), the GrutBrushes Plugin Panel (TPL) or the Tool Presets Panel (panels seen clockwise from top left)

Procreate Version
I wasn't crazy about the way Procreate imports the ABR so I tweaked it a bit.  Tap the button below on your iPad to install the Procreate .brush version

Procreate version (use this instead of importing the ABR)

Did you know?
The Art Brushes Complete set now contains over 450 Brushes!

450 Photoshop brushes


40 Watercolours, 100 Inks, 35 totally unique GrutBrushes Oil Impasto brushes, 43 Pencils, Cross Hatchers and hundreds more natural media brushes. TPL and ABR format

"These are amazing...

These are amazing. I have been using Photoshop for 15 ($%&^!) years and I always thought it was my Wacom being too cheap, or my iMac being underpowered, but it turns out that it's Photoshop's default brushes - they're awful! I should've checked out Grut Brushes ages ago!

Steve Legatt  //  Happy Customer

"A dream come true...

These are the brushes I need to finally get started on my childrens book I have been writing this year 🙂 so excited to finally start it thanks for these brushes man, they are a dream come true

Harrison Roig  //  Artist

"The Things you can create are amazing...

GrutBrushes Artisinal Photoshop Brushes and paper textures are simply stunning. I absolutely love using them in Photoshop. I have never achieved such a realistic paper texture. Paired with a Wacom tablet the things you can create are amazing.

Emily Jean Smith  //  Artist