Is Procreate Free?

No. Procreate is not free but it is very affordable.

How Much Does Procreate Cost?

Procreate is an app for Apple iPads and you can buy it here for only $12.99 (in the Apple iPad store)

Is Procreate Worth it?

That depends on what you want to do with it, but if you compare the price of Procreate with what you get, the answer almost certainly is YES.

Is there a Procreate PC for Windows Computers?

No, right now Procreate is only available on IOS. It was made to take advantage of the iPad’s graphics capabilities. There is no Procreate PC version

Does Procreate need Wifi?

No, you can use Procreate without wifi. You will need an internet connection to install it

Do you need an apple pencil for Procreate?

No, you could even use just your finger, but the experience is so much better with a Stylus (it doesn’t have to be an Apple Pencil, though that is definitely the best iPad stylus there is.

The reason you would want to use a stylus is that the brush stroke changes with the amount of pressure you apply, which means you can have a single paint mark go from thin to thick and very transparent to completely opaque with just one stroke of the stylus. With your finger, the transparency and width will stay the same throughout the whole stroke.

Many brushes will start skinny, widen out and then end skinny again if the brush has the tapering setting applied, but this is a fixed amount and always happens in the beginning or ending of the stroke. With a pressure sensitive stylus like the Apple Pencil you will be able to conrtol exactly when and where the brush stroke gets thinner or more transparent.