Newsletter Photoshop Freebies 04

free Photoshop paper texture

Delete my drawing on the green layer (and the logo layer) and draw or paint your own masterpiece on the layer and it will apply the same paper texture to your artwork.


Get the brush too while you’re at it

[twocol_one]Dee-Print-Photoshop-Ink-Brush[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
You can also get ‘Dee-Print’, the Photoshop ink brush I used in the drawing above here (checkout required)


More useful Photoshop tools and downloads

I’ve set up a new page where I will start compiling all the free downloads that I post on the blog so be sure to have a look at the new Photoshop freebies page. There will probably always be some things that are available first exclusively from the newsletter though so be sure to stay tuned to your email.