From GrutBrushes and Chimirus to you!

Welcome Chimirus attendee!

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Here’s what you’re getting (hover over the icons to see the brushes ‘live’ in action!)

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We hope you enjoy this custom set we put together for you. A PDF with detailed instructions is included in the zip file.

WAIT! – There’s more!

Brushes are just one part of digital artwork. Great art needs a great base and that’s where GrutBrushes Art Surfaces come in.

Have a look at how the combination of the Artist’s brushes combined with the GrutBrushes Art Surfaces can transform your artwork.

These smart Photoshop templates automatically apply lighting, shadow and texture to your digital paintings to make your artwork while you paint (or afterwards) to make it appear as if it was scanned from a physical painting.

Look how realistic your brush strokes appear in a GrutBrushes smArt Surface
GrutBrushes Art Surfaces apply lighting, shadow and paper texture to your artwork while you paint! (or paste in your artwork)

Why not try it for yourself? I’ll send you this one for free to use in your own work. I promise you’ll absolutely LOVE it.