Andrew Tischler’s GrutBrushes Sampler Set

Welcome! To download all 6 of the brushes Andrew mentioned, just click one of the blue buttons below

Download ABR file

GrutBrushes in brushes panel

ABR brushes in Photoshop brushes panel

Download TPL file

GrutBrushes in GrutBrushes panel

TPL files in GrutBrushes Plugin

Which file should I download?

The easiest one to install into Photoshop CC or other compatible apps is the ABR but if you want to use the free Photoshop CC plugin that you see in Andrew's videos or if you use Photoshop CS5 or CS6 you will want the TPL file

How do I install the brushes?

For the ABR, just double click on it and it should install right into Photoshop's Brushes panel, if not, right-click on it and choose "open in Photoshop" or just drag it right into Photoshop CC itself.

For the TPL file, there are detailed instructions in a PDF inside the ZIP file, including links to download the Photoshop CC plugin for free.  

Any trouble at all, just click here to send me an email 

- Nicolai

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Art Brushes 500 Product image