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GrutBrushes ArtBrushes Complete Set

350 Professional Photoshop Brushes for Digital Artists

Watercolour • Ink • Oil • Impasto • Natural Media • Pencils • Charcoal • Specialty Brushes • Cross Hatchers • Blenders/Mixers

There are TOO many brushes in the set to show you them all here but the list includes...

25 Watercolour Brushes

Here are some brush strokes made by just a few of them...

11 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

10 of the 25 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

24 Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

24 of the Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

GrutBrushes are Responsive brushes not 'stencil stamp' brushes

You may have seen free watercolour brushes all over the web. Those are mostly stencil style rubber stamps with one fixed brush stroke. Every time you tap your stylus the mark is identical with those brushes. 

GrutBrushes are different, they respond to your hand motion like a real brush does. With GrutBrushes, each stroke is unique to your hand motion, your brush strokes will never be the same

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

25 Oil Impasto Brushes

10 Photoshop impasto brushes

Actual brush strokes made with 10 of the Photoshop impasto brushes

Impastos 01 - Photoshop Impasto Oil Brushes

Brush strokes made with 10 more Photoshop Impasto brushes

Demo Video: Oil Impasto Brushes in Action

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

75 Ink Brushes

Here are some sample strokes of a few of the many types of ink brushes in the set

3 of the included Ink Brushes

A detailed look at 3 of the Photoshop Ink Brushes

Inks 02 - Photoshop Ink Brushes

Sample Brush strokes painted with 10 of the Included Photoshop Ink Brushes

10 Photoshop Ink Brushes

Sample Brush strokes painted with 10 more of the Included Photoshop Ink Brushes

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

43 (x2) Pencils

Would it be cheating to say there are really 86 Pencil brushes?

You will find 43 Medium res Photoshop Pencils (for web work) and 43 High Res versions (re-mastered for Print work) 

These are in their own ZIP files for those who don't like to mix their media (make sure you dont miss them!)

43 Photoshop Pencils

43 Photoshop Pencils in both medium Res (for web work) and High-Res versions (for Print work)

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

Ballpoint Pen Brushes

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

18 Mixer Brushes

4 Photoshop mixer brushes

Mixer Brush Comparison (Defaults vs GrutBrushes)

18 Photoshop mixer/blender brushes

18 of the Photoshop mixer/blender brushes

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

24 Oil Painting Brushes

If the Impasto Oil brushes above are too intense you might prefer these flat oil brushes instead 

10 Photoshop oil brushes10 of the Photoshop 'flat' Oil Paint Brushes

Photoshop Oil Paint brush 'Cordon Mulch' brush stroke characteristics

Each brush has unique characteristics that give it character. Here are some of the features of one of the oil brushes

Some Artwork by my Amazing Customers (Painted in Photoshop using GrutBrushes)

More Brushes

Thousands of Happy Photoshop Artists use GrutBrushes

I'll get back to showing you more brushes in a sec...but here's what some are saying about GrutBrushes on Facebook...

GrutBrushes reviews on facebook

I have the best customers! They inspire me to keep making the best tools I can!
GrutBrushes are used by professional artists in studios you know and love like...**

studios using GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes

**All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them 

WARNING: GrutBrushes are designed for professional artists, and like any art tool, the results you get will depend on your skills! These brushes won't paint for you.

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

65+ Natural Media & Specialty Brushes

12 Organic Photoshop brushes for digital artists

Note that the look of the brush textures is being affected by the background surface.  Just like in 'real painting' the look of your digital painting is as much about what is next to and behind your brush strokes as it is about the brush itself.

8 Natural Media Photoshop Brushes for Digital Painting

Brush strokes from 8 Natural Media GrutBrushes painted on an old paper background

Miscellaneous digital painting brushes

Various GrutBrushes (some of these also listed above)

More Brushes

— the set also includes —

16 Cross Hatching Brushes

For adding graphic shading and texture to your illustrations and designs these 16 cross hatching brushes add a natural ink hatching in minutes that would take hours to do by hand

15 Cross Hatching Brushes for Photoshop

Some of the cross Hatching Photoshop Brushes

More Brushes

— also includes —

All New Art Brushes for the Next 60 Days!

Your purchase includes a free 60 day ArtBrushes Membership so any and all new Art Brushes that come out in the next 2 months will be yours to download for FREE as all prices in the shop will be reduced to $0 as long as you are logged in. 

This free membership will expire automatically in 2 months. There is nothing more to pay and you will not be billed again. All the brushes you downloaded are yours to keep and use forever! 

Think of the free membership as FOMO case your favourite new brush is released next week, I want to make sure you won't miss out! 

— also includes —

Optional GrutBrushes Photoshop CC Plugin

(Photoshop CC Only ) All versions from CS5 and up can use the brushes in the Tool Presets Panel without the plugin 

Photoshop Brushes Plugin for Photoshop CC

GrutBrushes Plugin Panel for Photoshop CC

You don't need it to use the GrutBrushes but if you are a Photoshop CC* user you can also add the GrutBrushes plugin to your order to use it to organise your brushes in the custom panel 

 *Must be Photoshop CC 2014 or later. It won't
 work in the very first version of Photoshop CC

Add Plugin to your order when you Checkout

  Add the plugin for free on checkout

More Brushes

Also Includes: 50% off all Art Surfaces for the Next 60 Days!

As long as you are logged in and your free membership is active (2 months) All Art Surface paper textures in the Shop will be 50% off. After that your membership expires and prices go back to normal.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work in Photoshop CS5?
Yes! And CS6 and any version of Photoshop since then, including the latest version of Photoshop CC. You can install them in to the Tool Presets panel of all these versions.

Do they work on Mac/Windows?
Yes! They work on both Mac and Windows

The Plugin says it's only for Photoshop CC! What's up?
The GrutBrushes plugin is totally optional. It only works in Photoshop CC but you don't need it to use the brushes, they look and perform just the same without it in Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CC 2018. The plugin is just a Photoshop panel to organise your GrutBrushes but it has no effect on the brushes themselves.  

What format are these brushes?
They are TPL format (Tool Presets Photoshop CS5 - CC 2018) and ABR (Photoshop CC 2018 format only ) The TPL format is compatible with older versions of Photoshop (CS5 to 2018) and allows for more complex settings than the abr format allows so I can make much fancier brushes like the Impasto oil and Watercolour brushes. It also makes them all backwards compatible so almost everyone with Photoshop can use them.

If you are using the very latest version of Photoshop CC you can install the ABR version but the ABRs are the new ABR format that is not backwards compatible (sorry if it's confusing but that's how Adobe made them) 

How do I install the brushes?
Just unzip and then drop the TPL files into the Tool Presets panel or onto the Photoshop icon on your desktop (Windows) or your dock (Mac)

There is a PDF with detailed step by step instructions included in the download. There as an online help page with frequently asked questions, videos and tutorials and you can always email me if you still have trouble.

Can I use them with a mouse?
Technically yes, but I really don't recommend it.

Without a tablet and a stylus you wont get any of the pressure responsiveness that makes these brushes so versatile. 

If you use a mouse your brush stroke will always be the same thickness, width, opacity and intensity. 

Difference between painting with a stylus and a mouse

With a stylus you can press lightly to make your brush strokes more transparent or thinner but with a mouse they are always the same

What is this about a membership? Will I be charged again?
No way! You will not be charged again. The membership is a free bonus and it expires automatically. You will never be automatically billed for anything. If you just want to download the 350 brushes that are here now you can just ignore the free membership and it will simply expire in 2 months.

Think of it as brush insurance...if the best brush ever is released next week I want to make sure you won't miss out! 

What if I want to continue the membership?
You can renew it on your account page. It's curently $10 for 6 months but that may change anytime without notice

How long can I use these brushes?
Forever! You own the brushes and can use them forever. You are responsible for making a backup as the download link will expire after 60 days. 

Why does the download link in my account expire?
You are buying all the brushes that are available now. Some people paid $3 to download the set in 2014 when it only contained 12 brushes, 5 years from now it may contain 1,500 brushes but I don't have a way for people to download just the brushes that were in the set when they bought the link expires.

To try to be as fair as possible I make sure you get time to download it and make a backup for yourself, 60 days seems like a good amount of time. 

How many new brushes will I get in the next 60 days?
Could be 8, could be more but I might also break a leg and not put any new ones out for weeks (I make all the brushes myself, there is no secret brush factory :) ) 

While there are no guarantees on how many new ones there will be, I can say that I don't think there have ever been less than 9 brushes in 2 months and I have put out at least one every week since 2013. 

All 43 pencils were added in just one day so you never know. 

Are there really 350 GrutBrushes?
There are actually more...It really depends how you count them and when you buy them. As of this writing, the main zip file contains 324 painting brushes, then there are the 43 pencils which makes 367 brushes. If you consider the remastered high res pencils to be separate brushes that brings the total to 410 brushes.

I could go on and tell you how to add another 30 to that total but I just keep it simple and say there are 350. Mostly to avoid the inevitable emails that start with "Hi, I counted all the brushes manually and..."

The fact is, the quantity is really not important. Most people have a handful of brushes that they use over and over again and like your favourite spoon in the kitchen drawer, you can't be sure which one it will be until you try them all.

Are the Cloud Brushes included?
It does not include the Cloud FX brushes or the InkyLeaks FX brushes (no FX brushes are included) though it includes a sample brush from each FX brush set. Every Artist brush set in the Shop is included.

Ink splatter brush

It does include this dynamic splatter brush from the InkyLeaks FX set!

Can I use these for commercial work?
Yes! You can use these for anything you like. 

Can I use these on my laptop and my desktop computer?
Yes! You can install them on any computer you use, as long as it is you using the brushes.

Do these work in other apps?
They only work in Photoshop and a two iPad apps. Even if other apps say they can import Photoshop brushes they almost always only mean the shape of the brush tip which is fine if your brush is a stamp or a stencil but no good for most painting brushes. The look and performance of these brushes is really all in the pressure responsive settings and those don't get imported to other apps. 

The iPad apps they work in are Adobe Sketch and Artstudio Pro on the iPad. If you are an Adobe Cloud subscriber you can share your library to your iPad and use them in Sketch. They also work perfectly in Artstudio Pro

They do not work in Procreate, Manga, Clip Studio, Krita, Illustrator, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, etc. etc.

What is the Best Brush for Portraits/Landscapes/Still Life?
Just as there is no best musical instrument for a good song, there is no perfect brush for any particular type of painting. Even if I used Van Gogh's paint brushes the paintings would look like my paintings not his.

The marks you choose to make with them is what makes all the difference

Will my brush strokes look just like these?
Just like in 'real' painting, there is a lot to digital painting, that's part of what makes it so much fun. It's not just about the brushes. Every painting will look different and changing the pressure of your stroke, your colour choices, the background (that's a big one!) or just about anything else can make all the difference. 

I Make My Own Brushes, Why Should I Pay For These?
If you like making your own then by all means keep at it and don't let me stop you! I love making brushes so believe me I understand...these brushes are not for you!  

These brushes are made for professional artists who don't have hours to spend experimenting and tweaking brushes to find the perfect brush for the project while on deadline. I try to make these brushes as affordable as I can but for a working artist, time is money and these brushes will save you a ton of time you can spend on earning money or making your next masterpiece. 

     " I don't normally do feedback on things much but your brushes literally saved my butt on an 11th hour project I had to finish. They were exactly what I needed, when I needed them...They are henceforth my new favourite brush set ever :) Thank you for all the hard work you must have put into them! "




      " These [brushes] are seriously good! -  I am really excited about them - They are going to totally change the way I work in Photoshop now, and it's an understatement to say I am totally in love with them!! "

Rebecca Bridge


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If you find that you don't like the brushes, for any reason, just send me an email (or just hit reply to any email I send you) within 30 days asking for a refund and I will refund all your money.

No hard feelings. I personally guarantee that too!

- Nicolai Grut     

Copyright 2018

GrutBrushes accepts Discover mastercard american express visa and jcb diners card credit cards

GrutBrushes accepts PayPal as well as Discover, Mastercard, American Express Visa Diners card and JCB credit cards

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