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How To Fix Photoshop Brush Lag

If you find your brush lags as you draw with your stylus, there are (unfortunately) many possible reasons but here are some things to try

The very first thing to do is to turn off smoothing on your brush, if it’s on. This can make it appear as if your brush is lagging but that is just the effect of the smoothing function, slowing your line down to even it out any jitters you may have as you draw. High smoothing will slow down your strokes considerably

Reduce Smoothing to Reduce brush lag in Photoshop

If that doesn’t help there are a lot of settings in the preferences (Edit > Preferences >Performance)  that may help

how to fix wacom tablet brush lag


Here are some things to try that help on some setups
You can find these settings in the menu under Edit > Preferences >Performance

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend writing down or taking a screenshot of your current settings so you can get back to where you were before trying any of this
It’s best to try changing just one of these settings at a time. See if it makes a difference. If not, set it back to what it was and try changing another setting.

Settings to try:

1. Advanced Settings (change Drawing Mode) Try Basic first. Then Normal and then Advanced
2. Change graphics processor switch. Try turning the graphics processor off and on
3. Try turning on and off the other settings in there, one at a time…OpenCL, Antialias, etc
4. Change the amount of RAM (this one is the least likely to help with lag but it can help a lot with other functions)

You should also check to make sure your tablet drivers are up to date. You can find Wacom drivers here

Keep in mind that all brushes will eventually lag if you make them big enough. The slower your CPU, the more trouble you will have
If you want to see how my brushes perform for me, you can look at any of the video popups that you see when you hit the ‘preview’ button as you hover over any single brushes in the Shop.
My computer is a 5 year old PC running Windows. Most modern computers should be as fast or faster than that

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Let me know in the comments below if you have a solution that I missed!