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This week’s free Brush – Brash Mass

Brash Mass Natural Media Brush. A bold, robust brush with broad cover and a strong unambiguous graphic presence. In a manner unique to digital brushes this ink-like brush has ultra-sharp crisp aliased edges while displaying a base texture more reminiscent of softer media like pastel. Although you can get a fairly sparse grainy cover at low pressure this brush quickly goes to full opacity with minimal pressure making it best for broad, confident graphic strokes.

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Announcing ‘Free Brush of the Week (or so)’ Page


'Crumb Runner' Photoshop Watercolor Brush for digital artists
First Free Photoshop Brush of the Week – ‘Crumb Runner’

As a member (signup/login for free) you can now download a new free brush every week on the free brush of the week page as well as on the home page. I will confess now that I don’t know if I can always meet that schedule, sometimes a good brush takes a little longer, that’s why I’m referring to it as the free brush of the week ‘(or so)

If you miss it for free each brush will move to the store where you can always purchase it and a new free brush will take it’s place.

Without further ado, here is the first free brush! Continue reading Announcing ‘Free Brush of the Week (or so)’ Page

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Anatomy of a Digital Watercolor Brush

brush stroke characteristics of Pasteup digital watercolour brush
brush stroke characteristics of Pasteup digital watercolour brush

What is it that gives a brush it’s personality? It’s a combination of your style, how your fingers move and the brush itself. Just as you have a unique way of moving your wrist to create lines, each brush has it’s own unique stylistic signatures. Whether it’s a few stray bristles, the way it holds or releases water, oil, paint and pigment, or simply how slowly or quickly it tapers from a point to a blob, if at all. All these quirks and characteristics add up to give a brush it’s personality.

The same holds true for a good digtal artists’s brush. In this visual dissection I’ve attempted to draw attention to some of the the characteristics unique to the ‘Paste Up’ Photoshop watercolour brush, some of the most prominent features that add up to create the signature look of it’s strokes.

This is just one of 63 (and growing) brushes in the growing collection of pressure responsive Photoshop brushes for digital artists from