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Watercolor Paper Background

I get quite a few requests to share the backgrounds in my demos. I do plan to release a set of seamless papers, canvases, cards and other backdrops for digital artists. It’s in the works I promise, but in the meantime, here’s the watercolour paper used in many of my digital painting brush demo videos. Continue reading Watercolor Paper Background

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Papaya Grind – A Responsive Photoshop Pastel Brush

digital oil pastel drawing brush strokes created with the 'Papaya Grind' Photoshop Pastel Brush toolset
digital oil pastel drawing brush strokes created with the ‘Papaya Grind’ Photoshop Pastel Brush toolset
responsive pastel brush for Photoshop
responsive pastel brush for Photoshop


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‘Papaya Grind’ Photoshop Oil pastel Brush.
A thick starchy oilk pastel brush with a fine clingy texture and a fadeable edge. With a very fine tip at light stylus pressure it also spreads to a wider tip and comes on relatively strongly with slightly heavier pressure, though it still requires a few passes to cover your image surface completely.
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So Konwet – A soggy, wet, Ink Brush

So Konwet, the latest ink brush in the store is a runny ink brush with an edge that bleeds as if you are drawing on a wet paper towel. A variable sized allows you to do fairly detailed work at low pressure but the brush really excels at broad gestural drawing.

Brush strokes of a digital ink drawing done using the Photoshop Ink Brush toolset 'So Knowet' for digital artists
Digital ink drawing done using the Photoshop Ink Brush toolset ‘So Knowet’ for digital artists

(sorry this offer has expired)
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Drawing with the ‘So Konwet’ responsive Photoshop ink brush for digital artists

This brush is included in the Art Brushes Complete set




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“Dodo Stroke” – New Watercolor Brush

Brush stroke samples painted with the Dodo Stroke Photoshop watercolour brush.

I’ve put a new Photoshop watercolour brush in the shop today and I’m giving it away for free until this weekend! (expired) Continue reading “Dodo Stroke” – New Watercolor Brush