Photoshop Freebies for Digital Artists

Quick Paper Layer Tool (TPL)


paper texture background maker tool
Quick Paper Texture Fill – One click fills your layer with ‘instant paper’

When you just need a quick paper-like background instead of your plain solid colour, one click from this seamless paper texture fill tool gives you an instant textured paper background. Great for quick mockups that you can replace later if you like.

You can install this into the GrutBrushes Plugin, or into Photoshop’s Tool Presets panel (like this) This is designed to be a quick, low impact tool (less than 14KB) that you can have at your fingertips in a pinch. It is not intended to replace proper realistic high res paper textures like the Art Surfaces.

Format: TPL   Resolution: 120 X 120 pixels  Seamless Tile: Yes File Size: 10 KB installed



Photoshop Paper Template (PSD)

tap/Mouseover for details

Textured paper effect applied in Photoshop

This is the layered Photoshop paper template from the ‘Dee Print’ ink brush demo image The PSD file contains the paper texture background as well as an overlay that simulates light, stains as well as the effects of ink soaking into the paper slightly

Format: PSD  Layers: Yes  Resolution: 1080 X 1080 pixels  File Size: 17 MB


Photoshop Free Brush #35 Paper Template ( PSD)

free Photoshop paper texture template
free Photoshop paper texture template

The layered Photoshop paper template from the free brush #35 demo image This PSD file contains an overlay that simulates the effect of ink soaking into the paper slightly

Format: PSD  Layers: Yes  Resolution: 1080 X 1080 pixels  File Size: 2.8 MB



Watercolour Paper Background from Video Demos

Watercolor paper from grutbrushes demo
Watercolor paper from grutbrushes demos

Just the blank watercolour paper on a white background. No lighting effect overlays. As seen in the watercolour demo images and videos  (requested)

Format: JPG    Resolution: 1300 X 682 pixels


Free LightSaber Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop lightsaber Brushes
Free Photoshop lightsaber Brushes

Free Star Wars lightsaber brushes for Photoshop

The Lightsaber Photoshop brushes to add Lightsabers to your Photos
(See more in this postFormat: TPL

Saber Blade    Saber Glow

Members’ Only Freebies

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‘Real’ Paper Photoshop Template “Espaloaf”

  • Before-PaperLoaf Art Surface
    After-PaperLoaf Art Surface
    BeforePaperLoaf Art SurfaceAfter

A realistic paper template for Photoshop that adds lighting and shadows to your artwork to make it appear more integrated with the surface below.

From GrutBrushes Newsletter #10

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Drip Drench Photoshop ink  Wash  Brush

Photoshop Ink Wash Brush "Drip Drench"
Photoshop Ink Wash Brush “Drip Drench”
Painting an ink wash with a Photoshop brush.
Painting an ink wash in Photoshop with the ‘Drip Drench’ brush

A lovely unpublished Photoshop ink wash brush that was free in the Newsletter

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Painted with the Ruff Puppy Natural Media brush and the Drip Drench watercolor Photoshop brush
Painted with Drip Drench

Cumulus Cloud Photoshop Brush Tool

Free Photoshop cloud brush for members
Photoshop cloud brush

Photoshop cloud brush

A Photoshop cumulus cloud brush painting tool. Still a work in progress, from an upcoming set of Photoshop cloud painting brushes. This one was free in the December 22nd Newsletter

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