Free Realistic Photoshop Watercolor Brush

best watercolor brushes for Photoshop from GrutBrushes

Actual paint strokes done with the Cherry Pectin watercolour brush

These brushes require Photoshop CS5 or higher and a pressure sensitive graphics tablet.

Welcome digital artist!

You can download the ‘Cherry Pectin’ Watercolor Photoshop brush for free. It’s one of my realistic watercolour brushes, it responds to stylus pressure, has a wet watery edge and a lot of rich real watercolor texture. Click below to get it for free!

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A few Tips: How to install and use the Free watercolor Brush

How to install and use the Photoshop watercolor brush
How to install and use the Photoshop watercolor brush
This 2 minute video covers:

    • How to install TPL brush
    • Tips on using the watercolor brushes
    • Controlling the brush’s ‘wet’ edge texture
    • Using stylus pressure to smear the paint while ‘wet’
    • Ignore the ending. I won’t be sending you an email tomorrow 🙂

Get over 200 Photoshop brushes + a 60 Day membership and free Plugin (CC only)
Get over 300 Photoshop brushes + a 60 Day membership and free optional Plugin (Photoshop CC)

Includes all these watercolor brushes (and many more!)

11 Photoshop watercolor brushes
11 Photoshop watercolor brushes
(Mouseover or tap the icons below to watch the Photoshop brushes drawing ‘live’!)

‘Dog Slobber’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Damp napkin’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Dodo Stroke’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Crumb Runner’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Hope Lingers’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Lint Filter’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Slight Lofty’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Slither Dew’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Sparrow Tone’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

‘Creamsicle’ Photoshop watercolor Brush

+ Hundreds of Other Brushes!!!

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